Moon’s Reflection Glossary

Bloodeaters (Lueeshareteers) used to be called People of Eon. They become Bloodeaters when they were forced to find a replacement for Eeshar, the fruit that supplied their body with haemoglobin. They are divided into three clans: the Lost, the Damned, and the Fallen.

The Fallen (Naqatatu) clan is extinct, with Angelica, Abbas’s fourth daughter,  the sole survivor. They were energy beings with feathered wings and light yellow colouring that when angered or attacking changed into black birds.


The Damned (Ezerutu) are beings that appear human, with the exception of their older (principal) members, Abbas, and the Elders, who have greyish skin and have no hair, and Prva (Abbas’s first daughter), who has greyish skin and white hair.  The clan consists of Elders, Belini (Masters) and Aradmas (Servants). They can’t turn humans into Bloodeaters. They can become the masters of Lost’s Aradmas by infusing their blood into the Aradma’s body.


The Lost (Halqutu) are humanoidbeings with a strict hierarchy. There are more than ten Families that form the clan, with purebreds as the head of the families. All the purebreds are called Gelbeliya (Great Lords). Those the Gelbeliya have turned with the Tying ceremony are called Beliya (Lords); they have the same strength as their masters and are the only turned with the ability to turn humans into Bloodeaters. Ishaaases (Masters) are those turned by purebreds without the Tying ceremony and with a weaker infusion of the purebreds’ blood in their bodies. Aradmas (Servants) are turned by Beliya and are the weakest Bloodeaters.


Deadeaters (Akilueteer, vampires) were originally byproducts of Abbas’s feeding, humans infected by a drop of Abbas’s blood or saliva while he was feeding on them. They die and then rise up as living dead, animals who can’t control their thirst, and become violent at the sight or smell of blood.  They have all the flaws of traditional vampires, but not the traditional strength. Before Abbas’s head was severed, he was the only one who could control them. They can turn humans into Deadeaters by draining all their blood and then replacing it with a drop of their own. The more of the Deadeater’s blood the victim gets the saner they are.

When the Deadeaters multiply too much, the wildest and most insane are hunted and killed by the Numuns and the Dumes, the members of the Damned clan.


The Numuns are Angelica’s creations and they are based on Prva’s genetic code, which is why they all have white hair.


The Dumes, Uriel, Haniel and Muriel, are the product of Angelica’s experiment on the Damon Blackdart’s unborn child.


Aarsa tiyaat (“remain in waiting”) are the rare cases when  a victim remains in a twilight state between human and Bloodeater.


Mamaels is the name Bloodeaters use for humans.


Mesedi is the name for officials (the same as human police) in The Lost clan.


Primary is the name for the technology left by the People of Eon.


Sarniikzis (“make restitution”) are steel crates most Bloodeaters use as humans use beds. Sarniikzis have healing effects and they lessen the time the body needs for resting.