Review on a book on writing

posted 19 Nov 2010, 04:43 by Ela Lond   [ updated 8 Dec 2010, 13:20 ]
Got the How to Write a Damn Good Thriller by James N. Frey, and have read the: The secrets of clever plotting revealed, All about plot structure, Hook'em and hold'em, How to plot a damn good thriller, and Avoiding the muddle in the middle chapters. I have to say I'm not impressed and a little sad that the chapters hadn't met my expectation. I'm sure that after I read the book cover to cover, I won't be sorry that I purchase it, that I will find something useful (will let you know after I digthrough it), but it's just that those chapters for which I bought the book hadn't given me the answer that I was looking for.
In the All about plot structure and How to plot a damn good thriller, I expected more focus on the plots and examples of different structures, not examples of different movies that fit into the author's five-act-design. And I also got quite annoyed with repetition of the word combination: 'damn good thriller'.

So, I went browsing the internet and I found some lovely sites that talk about plot, the one I liked the most are:

A short articles that focuses on storytelling:

Focuses on plot as the basic three act structure:

A short review on narrative building blocks:

A quick summary on plot:

This one is wonderful, even though it focuses on screenplays, but those follow the same rules as other stories:

And what does Wikipedia say on plot: