Release of The 13th: Ineluctable Fate

posted 18 Nov 2012, 02:47 by Ela Lond

I have just uploaded another short story on Smashwords and Amazon US, UK, DE.

The 13th: Ineluctable Fate is a (15,000 words long) paranormal romance. It part of The 13th series and it's set in Victorian London (160 years before The 13th: Destiny Awaits).

I love the cover, it was custom made by  Elaina Lee who made such a great job.



Summary: As the Awakener, Ashton Godwill eased ghosts’ passage into the other world and obliterated Soul Eaters – ghosts who have lost their auras and feed on the spirit energy of others. When the number of Soul Easters suddenly increases, Ashton’s guardian employs the help of the Reaper. Unfortunately, the Reaper is the boy who broke Ashton’s heart, the boy Ashton would rather never see again.

The sample can be read here.