Release of Short Story Collection

posted 8 Oct 2012, 00:26 by Ela Lond
My Short Story Collection is now available on Smashwords and Amazon.

(Cover made by Kerri Klawiter)

Ela Lond's Short Story Collection covers a variety of genres, including fantasy, contemporary romance, paranormal and horror, but all have one thing in common: young adult protagonists.

Heart Strings (5,000 words/15 pages long) is a fantasy romance.
Faith is a Controller studying at the Academy for Alchemists, Controllers and Mages to secure a successful life after graduation. Until the boy she secretly always thought of as her hero endangers her scholarship and with that her future.

For your entertainment (8,000 words/22 pages long) is a slow-building contemporary high-school romance.
From the first moment Mandy Hill saw Tyler Webster shooting hoops she wanted to get close to him, but for that she would have to become popular. Not an easy task for a girl with adjustment problems and a brother who liked to play weirdo. And becoming friends with the school outcast didn’t help either.

This Feeling (7,000 words/20 pages long) is a paranormal with shape-shifters.
Alex, a high school student, has entered the Year of the Change, as Werefelines call the stage of life in which their transformations into cat form begin. Alex hates it, though, and soothes the pain of metamorphosis with drinking and denial -- until a mysterious black panther crosses her path.

Lost (5,000 words/15 pages long) is a fantasy romance.
Hope, a trained assassin, only had one goal in life, to kill the General, a childhood friend who broke her heart when he sided with the oppressive and despotic ruler of their nation.

Together Forever (9,000 words/25 pages long) is a horror story
Leah and Adam, survivors of the plague that all but wiped out humanity on the Fourth Continent, are on a dangerous journey to Assembly, the only way out of the zombie-infested continent. Can their love survive death, and all that comes after?

Samples and free reads can be read  here.

These five stories have three different sources of inspiration.
Heart Strings has been inspired by the movie Sucker Punch or I should say that I have been watching that movie when I got the idea for the Heart Strings. Lost has been inspired by the Coheed and Cambria's song Deranged (great song). I was brainstorming for For your entertainment since I wanted to have a short story with The13th: Desinty Awaits's side characters (still working on the main story). And I dreamt about the This Feeling and Together Forever. Well, not exactly dreamt the whole story, just parts of it and then worked out the rest in my dozing time, you know, just before you have to get up. I noticed that my mind works the best in the time when I'm just half awake. Or in the evenings when I lay in bed waiting for sleep.

I get a lot ideas in my dreams. Just today I dreamt about a large hall with plants creeping along its pink marble walls and the group of women, girls, that tried to speed the growth of the plants with magic, since they needed it for the healing of the planet or something similar. And there was a girl with more magic then the rest, who was very upset when she learned that the man (he was really yummy) has sold those plants instead of giving them away for free.I don't know if I'm ever going to expand this image, but it could become an interesting story.