Release of Hegira

posted 15 Aug 2012, 09:39 by Ela Lond
Hegira, a short (11,000 words long) fantasy romance is now available on: Amazon Kindle US, Amazon Kindle UK and Amazon Kindle DE. I decided to try the Amazon's Selects that's why it won't be available on Smashwords and its retailers for quite a while (3 months).

Well, anyway, here is a summary of the story that is happening in Victorian London (despite that it isn't specially specified in the story, but I did used the customs of that time):

Amanda believed she was alone in the world, afraid of never being able to escape her uncle's greedy clutches, especially after he betrothed her to a complete stranger. But then three men burst into the house, interrupting the wedding, and take her away. The intruders call themselves Elementals, and she begins to rediscover her forgotten connection to them.

The sample can be read here.

I have already shown the covers for this short story, but because I love it so much, I'm sharing it again. It's so gorgeous.