Red Moon

posted 23 Jul 2011, 00:38 by Ela Lond   [ updated 4 May 2012, 04:46 ]

Red Moon's first slice of life, Damon's, was actually in first draft of Red Moon's Reflection part of the prologue, but then on my beta reader’s suggestion I toss it out. 

Now, Red Moon doesn’t exist because I couldn’t toss scene from Damon’s POV into a trashbin -- every longer than 30,000 words story that I have written has an over 5,000 words long document of paragraphs, scenes that didn’t worked for the story and will forever stay buried in the Trashbin folder -- but because I wanted to offer readers a glimpse of what Damon is and what he wants. And not just Damon, but also the Dumes, the Numuns, ... all the major players.

I’m not good at blogging and stuff, I’m too clumsy and awkward and my grammar isn’t top notch, so I can’t make a good impression, quite the opposite. That’s why I decided why not use Red Moon’s Slices of Life for the marketing.

I still believe that this is a good idea; the slices of life show the style of my writing, introduce characters (what they are and what they want) and offer the glimpse of main story, but there are two problems:

I want for the single slices of life to be available for free -- they need to be to work as an advertising for Moon’s Reflection --, which they are through Smashwords and its retailers, but Amazon only matched the price for Damon’s Slice of Life and even that one is free only on Amazon US, since the Amazon UK just raised its price, and I’m still waiting for Haniel’s Slice of Life to become free.

I was pondering about my strategy and I have decided that if Haniel’s Slice isn’t matched until the end of September, I’m going to remove it from Amazon (there’s not point of having it there if it isn’t available for free). The same goes for Damon’s Slice when/if Amazon removes it from freebies.

And I’m thinking that when I publish Uriel’s and Muriel’s Slice of Life, I should only publish them as singles on Smashwords , and maybe publish all the four Slices of Life as one unit on Amazon or not publish them on Amazon at all -- still haven’t decide about that one.

The other problem is that I got few complaints (four exactly) about the absence of an average story structure and plot.

At first I believed that Slice of Life in the title and word count would be warning enough, but a first review proved me wrong.

Okay, I said to myself, this review will warn the readers what kind of story Damon’s Slice of Life is.

Wrong. I got another complaint. So I added to description a paragraph telling what Red Moon, Slices of Life is:

“Red Moon Slices of Life are fragments torn from the daily lives of side characters of the novel Red Moon’s Reflection. They are not full stories; their only goal is to show the characters more in detail and serve as a teaser (if you haven’t read Red Moon’s Reflection) or an extra (if you have read it).”

Well, I still got another complaint, and now I really don’t know what to add or say to make it clearer that Red Moon Slices of Life are not full stories with a plot, since I don’t want to waste people time or give them false expectation about the Red Moon.