posted 24 Mar 2012, 01:16 by Ela Lond   [ updated 4 May 2012, 04:45 ]
Since Silver Moon's Reflection is finished and in first stages of editing, so I started to write Destiny Awaits. Since I also do covers for my books I also started to work on Destiny Awaits cover.  This is its second version:

I like it, but my friend said that it's childish looking, which I agree. So I'm going to change the ornaments (I just bought 660 Typographic Ornaments Dover - awesome clip-art book),  dress the girl and add a tree or branches to the background. So with this in mind I had my camera with me on my usual walk with my aunt and her dog. I took some pictures not just of trees but also of landscape and I'm sharing them:


And this is the dog, Siva. She's such a naughty thing who adores me; all those treats that she got did the trick.

And since I'm already at pets, here's the picture of my cat. She sure likes boxes. If I don't want for her to claim a box I have to hide it from her.

Hope you are having a good week.