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posted 9 Jan 2012, 22:52 by Ela Lond   [ updated 4 May 2012, 04:47 ]
I wrote a blog about Inspiration:

Some time ago I was sitting in a coffee shop with my friend, giving her a summary of a story I was working on with lots of gesturing and additional explanations of the backstory which almost always ended with ‘well, anyway…’. And after I finished my tale, wondering if I had included everything, she asked me: “How do you come up with this stuff?”

“Well, I don’t know,” I said, since I’ve never really thought about where I get my inspiration. “I guess I just pick up things along the way, mix them all together and this is the result.”

So when I got this opportunity to do a guest blog (thanks to Melissa and Jen) I asked if there was any theme they were interested in and got the answer that they would love to read about how authors get his/her inspiration for stories or books.

I had to think about this one: Where do I get my inspiration? And I found out that the better question would be: Where do I not get inspiration?

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I talked a lot about music which is my main inspiration, but I get a lot of ideas while watching History, National Geographic or Discovery channels -- those are a treasuries of ideas and when I have a TV on for a background noise, I often have it on on of those channels.