For your entertainment

posted 28 Nov 2011, 12:19 by Ela Lond

I just published  a short story over at Smashwords. (It will be available on Amazon some time tomorrow, and on other Smashwords' retailers (Apple, B&N, Sonny,..) ten days to 14 day from now, I hope).

Anyway For your entertainment is an 8,000-words long, slow-building contemporary high-school romance.

Summary: From the first moment Mandy Hill saw Tyler Webster shooting hoops she wanted to get close to him, but for that she would have to become popular. Not an easy task for a girl with adjustment problems and a brother who liked to play weirdo. And becoming friends with the school outcast didn’t help either.

With the coupon code: VQ32H you can get it from Smashwords for free. (The coupon expires on 10th of December). I hope you will like it.