Blue Moon's Reflection

posted 23 Aug 2011, 12:40 by Ela Lond   [ updated 4 May 2012, 04:46 ]

Today I got the last two chapters of the Blue Moon’s Reflection from my awesome beta-reader. Since my other (also very loved) beta-reader sent me her comments and suggestions a week ago, I should now tackle the revision and then the summary. Or maybe first the summary and then the revision. Meh.

I don’t mind doing the revision, but I dislike writing summaries. I rather get to the dentist than write one. But that’s probably because my dentist is able to make me laugh every time I find myself in her chair; and no, that doesn’t mean that I never had a fear of dentists. Actually as a child I terrified escaped from the dentist’s chair and they had to chase me all around the Medical Centre.  

Well, anyway, since I finished BMR three weeks ago, I haven’t been idle. I wrote Uriel’s and Muriel’s Slice of Life (they are quite short, a little over 1,000 words each). They will soon be available on the site.

I also started to write Silver Moon’s Reflection, and I’m now working on its second chapter. I’m quite content with that, despite that I had problems with the first chapter and had to toss out the first scene trice and would without that probably be at its third chapter. Oh, well.