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Train the Trainer


How People Learn

 Format: 1 hour Keynote-three day training session

  Managers who wish to properly delegate; mentors wanting to share knowledge and experience; trainers preparing trainees for jobs and opportunities; coaches building teams; and leaders wanting to leave a legacy must share know teach, train, guide, educate and instruct.

 Training is an organized series of opportunities to learn in which the trainee is systematically exposed to processes and procedures with expectations of behavior modification.  In other words, trainers know something that they wish to share with someone and their goal is to have that individual perform with equal or greater skill than their own.

 The bottom line impact of training is immeasurable.  The increased efficiency and effectiveness of the trainee will enhance the financial position of the organization.  The cost of errors can be high in wasted time, materials and damage to reputation and customer satisfaction.  Training reduces errors and mistakes. There is also a significant human cost to having members of a team ill prepared for their jobs.  People who lack confidence in their competence are under more stress and register significantly lower morale.  Training increases productivity and individual confidence wile reducing errors and misunderstandings.  Management training is particularly critical for the health and well-being of a healthy, growing organization.  The direct relationship between training and employee retention is well documented.

 This program will closely explore how people learn, how the brain works, various learning styles, and practical training strategies and methodology.