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Stress for Success


             Bringing Balance to a Busy Life               

Format: 2 hours ‑ 1 day workshop


Stress for Success is a program that benefits both the well-being of the individual and the overall productivity of the organization. Everyone wins. This presentation will give the participants practical advice on how to manage the stress in their lives.  Reducing stress can enhance the quality of life, the quantity of productive output, and even the length of life.  No one can or should eliminate stress from their lives, but it can be reduced to a manageable level. Stress can make you miserable, ill and irritable.  In extreme cases, it can kill you.  On the other hand, stress is the salt and spice of life. It is an energizer and can be an effective motivator.  Do not eliminate it.  It is up to the participants to find the middle ground.  Human beings are driven by personal and professional needs, goals, desires, duties, obligations, pleasures and interests.  Due to limited resources, time, and energy, there are hundreds of decisions individuals will have to make on how to spend these precious assets.

Elaine will focus the participants' attention on the processes that can be applied to maximize both productivity and satisfaction.  It will be an uplifting program full of encouragement and energy.  It is not enough to just wish to put balance into life, one possess specific skills and apply defined methods to accomplish their objectives, realize their dreams, and claim peace of mind.  Elaine will identify these skills and describe the methods.

Invest some time in pursuit of an important organizational resource...ENERGY!  An organization can only increase its productivity through the increased output of its human resource.  No organization dependent on its employees' enthusiasm, creativity and unique contributions can achieve its mission without this personal dedication.  Stress for Success will present practical tools for the audience to apply to their lives, enhancing their chances for achievement both personally and professionally.