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Making the Transition Into Management


Format: 3 hours ‑ 5 days 

Most new managers and successful entrepreneurs have a great deal of experience and training in their fields, but have had little formal development in the area of management.  An overview of the essential skills and functions of administration and management will provide the participants with the basic definition of their new role.  Managers and  entrepreneurs are in positions of great responsibility and authority. They control the destiny of the organization.  Their competence will be measured by the success or failure of the organization.  As we move into the new millennium we are entering a time of intense competition and resource shortages.  Everyone needs to become better trained and that is particularly true for organizational leaders.    

These programs are also excellent skill builders for people who have been in managerial positions for years.  They refresh personal knowledge and renew the commitment to leadership.   The following are topics that can be covered in a management training program.  Each module can stand alone, be a part of a series, or be combined for a complete training event.  We will work with you until you are satisfied that your agenda is perfect for your organization and the people being trained.  

We will customize the program or series to meet your organization's needs.

Possible Topics: The Role of Manager, Planning and Goal Setting, Delegation, Motivation and Working with the Difficult Employee, Communication, Are You Listening, Developing a Leadership Style, Projecting a Professional Image, Increasing Stamina and Personal Energy, Increasing Personal and Professional Productivity through Time Management,  For more advanced course work:    Understanding Group Processes,  Developing Leadership Skills, Strategic Planning,  Defining Organizational Culture, Orchestrating Change,  Assessing Performance, Training and Development of Team Members, Conflict Resolution, and Presentation Techniques.