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Ice Breakers


Icebreakers for a positive initial experience

Format: 1 ‑ 3 hours 


Do you need an "icebreaker" to start your meeting, conference of convention?  Plan something that will start the networking process. Some people need an organized event to meet other attendees.  This is particularly critical if you have a large contingent of new people.  The outcome is an experience that bonds individuals into pairs, groups and clusters. 


This "orientation" to the conference increases individual satisfaction and will enhance participation as well as future retention.   If the goals for attending a conference include meeting new people, renewing old friendships, having a little fun and/or learning valuable lessons, this opportunity should not be missed.


"Start Your Engines" is a semi‑organized, semi‑ structured pursuit of fun, camaraderie, and wisdom. Assimilate valuable lessons while building alliances that could last a lifetime. All personality types, from flamboyant to reserved; all ages, from inexperienced to seasoned; all attitudes from skeptical to enthusiastic will blend into a common experience. 


Everyone should be encouraged to come and be a part of it.  It will be the gateway to an enjoyable and informative conference!   Ask us about a package including an icebreaker and a keynote, or an icebreaker and a breakout session, or even, an icebreaker, a keynote and a breakout session!