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I heard what you said, but what did you mean?


Format: 3 hour workshop to 2 day seminar


In order to attract, communicate with, retain, and motivate good people within an organization or to do the same with clients, customers and the community, it is helpful to understand generational frame of reference…the way different generations see the world. The perspective of each generation is different, the context they employ when interpreting words and actions around them depends on the defining moments of their formative years. While the study of generational characteristics requires huge generalizations and any common point of view can be skewed by a number of other critical components like economic position, rural or urban setting and significant local events, some understanding of group personality can make you wiser.


We will explore the generations, Traditional, Boomers, GEN X, Millenials, and what drives each group. How to communicate, how to motivate, and how to retain them will be presented and participants will be able to plan for organizational co-existence. In addition, if your organization has a multi-generational clientele, knowing how they perceive the world will help you better reach them, market to them, and serve them.