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Core Values

Core Values

“Core Values are Cultural Cornerstones” 

Patrick Lencioni

Format: 1 hour keynote - 2 day event

What are the Core Values of your organization?  If you and your team cannot list them, then review them again and study their history.  If you don’t know them, then discover them and let them guide your actions.  If you don’t have them, then spend some time to collectively articulate what they are and share both the process and the results with everyone in your organization.

Elaine can facilitate the formation and/or revision of Core Values within your organization. Bring her in to lead your organization through the process. 

Why have Core Values?

  • Guides planning and strategy.
  • Creates a shared purpose: connects people to each other.
  • Provides guidelines that determine behavior.
  • Inspires emotion: People who embrace the core values are easier to motivate; are more innovative and stay around longer.
  • Establishes credibility. We do what we say we are going to do because we know what that is.
  • When you are clear on your core values, you have an anchor in the storm of change.
  • Defines the enduring character of your organization - a consistent "identity."

The way to gain a reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear." — Socrates