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Coaching for Peak Performance

Leadership is action, not a position.”
Donald McGannon 

 Format: 1 hour keynote-full day training session

 Legendary leaders model their behavior after a coach. They select the best talent, train and develop them, motivate them and inspire them to their peak efficiency, communicate the organizational mission, build a cohesive unit from diversity and then trust the team enough to go sit on the bench and let them play.

Many people can't overcome their basic human insecurities when they assume leadership. They feel they have to be the best at everything in order to hold the position. This is a misplaced ego in charge.


No one would expect an athletic coach to recruit a team of athletes which is limited to his/her skill level. Great coaches want to surround themselves with excellence. They dream of having a team made up of the best in the game. They know they are there to coordinate excellence, not run faster, jump higher or be stronger than anyone on the team.  When the team is playing and executing the coach's game plan, that coach is sitting on the bench knowing that their reputation and the continuance of their job rides on the performance of that team.

The same should be true in the leadership of every organization. Confident leaders are not intimidated or threatened by excellence.  On the contrary, legendary leaders recruit excellence; nurture it when they find it; develop it if it isn't there and reinforce an individual's efforts to improve.


Once the selection is made and the recruit is on board, the employee needs to build both confidence and competence.  Training, instruction, encouragement and education are critical to an employee’s orientation.  While many organizations do a fairly good job of orientation and training, in order to develop long-term loyalty the mentoring and coaching of an employee should be ongoing.


In addition, the organization should foster a culture of Legendary Leadership. Good leaders take charge of an organization and drive it competently and confidently, getting employees to their destination through encouragement, a clear vision, clearly defined policies, providing adequate resources and timely information. Legendary Leaders go one step further. They encourage others to take the helm, giving the delegated team members more than support and clear communication . . . giving them the opportunity to contribute in a distinctive and satisfying way.