If You Are Coasting...You Are Going Downhill!

 Every person has, at birth, a greater potential than Leonardo Da Vinci ever used." 
Glenn Doman.

While we will customize a program to meet your needs, here are some topics to review to get you started. Whether it be for professional development, personal enrichment, or a keynote presentation our focus is always the elevation of the quality of human effort,

One can guard against personal and professional obsolescence only through continuing education and development.  These programs are designed for those individuals and organizations who wish expand what they know and thereby increase their value to their company, their industry and the economy. Increased knowledge leads to increased competence which, in turn, leads to increased productivity.  Knowing more is the first step to doing more. 


As the globe spins faster and faster in today's fast-paced business environment, organizations must translate their visions into actions that prepare them for growth and success in the 21st century.  Elaine Estervig Beaubien believes that continuous learning is the critical foundation for the ongoing growth, productivity and profit of any organization. Learning is also the key to greater job satisfaction and enhanced quality of life for employees. Elaine is committed to helping both organizations and individuals learn, grow and improve by sharing our expertise in a format and program customized for your specific needs. 




Organizations are dependent on their human resource to get work done and done well. Take care of the people and everyone wins.  Employees who feel good about themselves and their choices will perform better and exhibit higher morale.  Improved employee satisfaction, increased employee retention, and enhanced interpersonal relationships will be the result of the peace of mind and sense of direction these seminars will provide.   



Motivational presentations are intended to inspire and arouse the interest and passions of the audience. Participants will feel the energy and will be moved to commit to the central theme of the program. Because that surge of commitment can dissipate quickly in the face of daily activity, Elaine leaves the participants with strategies to sustain the pace and feed the promise with success. Make your event memorable by bringing in a speaker who can generate both excitement and strategic insight.

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