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Elaine Estervig Beaubien is an experienced trainer, brilliant keynoter and speaker, a respected educator and administrator, an honored professional, a civic leader, and a published writer.


Elaine is the sole proprietor of Management Training Seminars and travels all over the world delivering high energy, high content presentations and seminars. Her clients have included Harley-Davidson, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Oscar Mayer, Rayovac, Bayer, CIBA-GEIGY, General Casualty, St. Mary’s Hospital, Flagler College, Quadgraphics, The American Red Cross, Peabody Hotel, ASTD, SHRM, MPI, and CUNA, to name a few. For a client reviews and more comprehensive information, see our client list.


Elaine Beaubien has traveled from Toronto to Rio de Janeiro delivering high content messages to audiences compelled to listen by her dynamic style. She believes in combining inspiration with information. Her audiences are not only mesmerized by her message, they come away knowing how to effectively channel the energy she gives them.


Elaine has published articles in national magazines and regional journals on management, leadership and personal development. She has authored manuals on group process entitled Cluster Brainstorming Technique and on employee retention entitled Selling the Seven C's.

Elaine wrote a popular business column for Madison Magazine and is currently a contributing writer for local business publications including a regular column for Business Watch.


In 1996, Elaine received the Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award. She was recognized for her ability to present topics of critical importance to her audience, her scholarship, her community service and her dynamic style. A year later, she was selected as one of the “Madison 100” . . . the people who, through their brains, talent, clout and charisma really make things happen in this city.” In 1998, Elaine received the Professional Achievement Award given by her Alma Mater for an individual who has demonstrated noteworthy auccess/contributions, and outstanding scholarship. In 2000, she won the prestigious Faculty Award for Excellence in Academic Advising, recognizing her for her individual work with students.

In 2002, the business students at Edgewood College created the first student sponsored excellence in teaching award. To give the award life and meaning, they wanted to name it after an exemplar in the field of teaching and mentoring. The Estervig-Beaubien Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award was “created in honor of Professor Elaine Estervig Beaubien, whose dedication, energy and enthusiasm have inspired her students and colleagues for many years.” In addition to having the award named after her, she was the award’s first recipient. This award will be presented every year by the Edgewood Business Association in recognition of excellence in teaching and mentoring.


In 2006, recognizing a lifetime of achievement, the Business Forum honored eight women in the community with an Athena Award Nomination. The Award honors a person who exemplifies excellence in his or her profession, gives back to the community and actively helps women realize their professional and personal potential. 

In 2012, she received the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award from Edgewood College, proving that even after more than three decades, she is still on top of her game.


Professor Beaubien has been on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin, Detroit College of Business, Mercy College of Detroit and is currently a tenured member of the business faculty at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin. She teaches management, economics and marketing to graduate and undergraduate students. Elaine has always believed in academic excellence integrated with practical application. Her students are mostly fully employed working adults who expect a high degree of expertise and managerial capability. Her students' evaluations have always been outstanding.

"Elaine is one of our treasures, dynamic, articulate, attractive, with total grasp of her subjects. We are very proud of her." President, Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin

Courses Elaine has taught have included Administration and Management, Advanced Management Seminar, Social Responsibility of Business, Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, Office Management, Personnel Management, Training and Development, Salesmanship, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Marketing Principles, Marketing Management, and Retailing Management.

In addition to faculty positions, Professor Beaubien also served as Economics Department Chairperson at the Detroit College of Business and as the Business Department Chairperson at Edgewood College. Staffing, budgeting and strategic planning were all important functions of the job. While Chairperson at Edgewood College, she led the department in researching, developing and marketing a successful MBA program. She also served as faculty representative on the Edgewood College Board of Trustees for two three-year terms.

Elaine believes if “you are coasting, you are going downhill,” so she continues to improve and update her knowledge and skills. Employing both her newly acquired expertise and her four decades of experience, she developed and is teaching an incredibly successful on-line graduate course in Organizational Behavior and Design.


Elaine has worked as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society, The American Red Cross, Options for Community Living, Public Television and Radio, Hospice, Business and Professional Women and numerous student groups. She served two terms on the Board of Trustees of Edgewood College, is a member of the steering committee for Leadership Greater Madison, serves as Emeritus on the Board of Trustees of Edgewood Campus Grade School, and is a charter member of the Madison Best in Business Selection Committee. Elaine has also been a member of the American Management Association, the American Marketing Association, the National Association of Female Executives, Educators for Social Responsibility, the Wisconsin Professional Speakers Association and the National Speakers Association.

She is frequently featured in the media. From lending her expertise to articles related to business to stories on her several public appearances. Features are common, including an exciting cover story in Wiscosnin Woman Magazine.

REINVENTION: WALKING THE TALK: a new role, another challenge!

For over two decades, Elaine has trained and taught people to write their own life be proactive and pursue their dreams according to their own written plan. At the turn of the millennium, after reaching all of her personal and professional goals, she decided to semi-retire from teaching and training and reevaluate her work, redefine her passions and reinvent her life. Instead of moving forward on the journey she so successfully laid out over her 30-year career, she completely jumped the track.

Following her own advice, the highly successful professor and corporate trainer is now the writer of romantic fiction. In addition to teaching part time and taking on training opportunities she finds interesting and challenging, this high energy women has given birth to a whole new career.

Writing under the pen name of E. K. Barber to protect her polished, professional persona, Professor Elaine Estervig Beaubien continued to teach business to graduate and undergraduate students and consult with corporate clients by day…and by night she sat tapping on her laptop. By day, marketing, supply and demand, leadership, employee retention, communication and team building…and by night love, lust and intrigue. From the corporate boardroom and college classroom to the world of romance and suspense…from the pragmatic and practical to the provocative and romantic. Now that is a paradigm shift!

To see what Elaine, a.k.a. E. K. Barber, has written into her life's script for the second half of her allotted century, go to, pursuing your dreams, reinventing yourself are not just concepts. For Elaine, they are her mantra.