Energy of Money Session

the energy of money elaine alker Discover your energetic reaction to money 

Many people understand that money is energy. Whether it is numbers on a computer screen or paper and ink, both represent a thought form, a common agreement of society that it is real. As such, the flow of money is subject to the negative emotions such as fear of lack, which anyone who has seen "The Secret" knows will keep the flow of money away from you.

As a corporate executive, Elaine understands full well the stresses of modern business life, and how these stresses create fear that keeps money away. Using kinesiology and a large tool-bag of energy medicine modalities, you and Elaine will work together to fine tune your energy field, removing blocks and fear, and putting you in balance with the energy of prosperity.

All clients have reported the sudden appearance of prosperity in their life, financially and otherwise,  in unusual ways shortly after a "money" session with Elaine.  One extreem case involved a client receiving a check for tens of thousands of dollars they were not expecting within days of the session!