Some of the things my clients have written to me regarding their energy healings with me:

"Elaine is by far the best energy healer I have ever worked with. She stands in a class all by herself when it comes to the ability to read and adjust my energy field. I have had the most profound healings in my life while on her table. She played an important role in saving my life during my recent healing crisis."
      —Sven Hosford, former Publisher of Point of Life magazine, current owner of Peaceburgh.net
“The benefits from doing many sessions with Elaine Alker have been a stronger core, and a solid foundation of strength.  There are parts of our energy that just cave due to stress.  Our higher consciousness can handle going through the death of our mate, children with illness, pain, etc.  But the physical body unravels.  Elaine helps facilitate your own ability to bond the energy back together and create renewed wholeness…and that just makes you feel a whole lot better. Thanks Elaine!”
      —Tamar George, psychic coach for 24 years in Pittsburgh
"Energy; even the word is powerful.  Whether you are feeling low and sluggish, or high and full of life, that energy force is powerful enough to push or pull you further in either direction.  The good news is that you get to choose the direction; the better news is that Elaine Alker is there to help.
Although focusing on high energy can be an easy decision, finding a way to harness that energy and knowing what to do with it can be tricky.  It can also be difficult to pull yourself out of low-energy-quicksand when you are up to your neck and feeling helpless  …  until you meet Elaine.
Picture an angel riding in on her white horse, lasso above her head, harnessing your energy, joining forces with it, creating an even greater power, and guiding it to the top of a mountain where it resonates stronger as it unites with more like energy and lifts you to a higher vibrational level.  Well, except for the white horse and lasso, that’s Elaine!
Elaine is an angel with a natural gift which is superseded only by her extensive training.  She is one of a chosen few energy healers in the world who were hand-selected to study under the master Donna Eden, and received the elite certification as an Advanced Practitioner in Energy Medicine.
Whether you are at a cross-road in life, struggling in an emotional or spiritual tug of war, or simply want to realign your vibration to a stronger, higher level, do yourself a favor and visit with Elaine for an hour or so.  You will feel an energy swing which some call beautifully indescribable and others describe as a powerful energy boost. Either way, most find the paradigm shift a life-changing experience.
Forget about a face-lift … see Elaine for an energy lift.  It will show on your face, and beyond~"
      —Debbie Mancini, Internationally-Acclaimed, Best-Selling Author
"Thank you for that wonderful healing yesterday! I feel great! You are my favorite healer ever!
     —KS, Pittsburgh
"My life has been excellent and amazing in the month since our session, so I am certain that you opened up a key part of my heart with your beautiful work. I am a new woman, and feel more LIKE a woman...a little less like that warrior that I once (or more than once) was. I still honor "him", though, and attribute my strength to that development in my evolution. I am feeling physically so full of energy, and so alive and happy...lots of abundance in money, energy, good times.
Thank you so much for helping me open up to myself!"
     —Susan Richter, Pittsburgh, PA