Based on the understanding that the body is designed to heal itself and feel good,
Energy Medicine taps into the rich storehouse of the body's natural wisdom.
It can address physical illness and emotional or mental disorders, and can
also promote high-level wellness and joyful living.
Private Sessions
Pet Sessions
Corporate & Community Presentations

Private Sessions

A private energy medicine session usually lasts 90 minutes and take place in a comfortable studio office located in Wexford, PA, in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.  On-site visits are available for clients who are hospitalized, home-bound or to ill to travel.

What to expect:
Wear comfortable clothing to your session.  You will remain fully clothed for your energy session, so avoid uncomfortable items.  Belts, ties and other restrictive or tight-fitting garments can be restrictive and interfere with the natural flow of  your energy.

We will begin with a confidential discussion of your individual needs and what you hope the session will accomplish.

Next, we will asses your basic energy systems using applied kinesiology techniques, also referred to as muscle testing.  After your initial assessment and corrections of basic imbalances (such as scrambled energy, backwards energy or non-crossing energy), you will lie down, fully clothed, on a comfortable massage table. We'll continue your energy assessment and balance your energies.

At the end of your session, you will feel stress-free, grounded and balanced.  Many clients report feeling vibrant and joyful after an energy session.  In order to maintain your new energy pattern and feeling well, you'll learn specific energy exercises which you can do on your own to maintain a healthy energy flow.

Some issues can resolved in just one session, some take more.  Each individual works at their own pace.
Balancing your energies offers invaluable tools and techniques to:
  • raise your stress threshold
  • balance and calm your nervous system to improve concentration, focus, and retention
  • release muscular tension and structural compensation
  • repair the damage that stress may have already caused
  • support and strengthen an overwhelmed immune system


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Pet Sessions
                                                                                                                                                    Elaine is a certified Animal Talk Energy Therapist. Animals are very responsive to energy
work and love it, often showing an instant improvement.

People bring their pets for energy work for a number of reasons.  Behavior issues, anxiety, depression, to prepare and recover from surgery, or to adjust to new or different living conditions. Sessions have been known to help animals with
fear, separation anxiety, undesirable behaviors, lameness, allergies, eating issues, arthritis, self esteem issues, parasites.

The session on an animal is usually done at the home or location of the animal with the owner present, at my office, or it can be done remotely. The practitioner does the actual session on the animal or remotely on the animal by using the owner as a surrogate to do the testing.  This allows the animal to move freely and process the session as necessary. Sessions can be done on any animal, large or small and in shelters.  In regards to performance animals (show or race horses, dogs, etc.), sessions can be done to also help them better deal with their particular activity, and also help create a better partnership with their rider/trainer/handler.   Call for more details.  For more information on how pets respond to energy work, click here.

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Corporate & Community Presentations

Stress and anxiety are common everyday issues for most people today.  Economic issues, illness, family crisis and increased workloads have caused more illness and discord than ever before.

Stressful work environments threaten long-term productivity, employee engagement, corporate reputation and talent retention.

Stress overload and decreased production can be corrected and adjusted with simple energy techniques that can be taught in a group session.  To help your workforce or organization, contact Elaine for one of her engaging and interactive energy workshops.

2012 Corporate and Community Presentations Include:

  • Energize Your Workforce
  • Increased Productivity/Decreased Stress
  • Five Minute Energy Routine
  • Custom Presentations Available Upon Request
  • Team Building through Energy Medicine in the Workplace

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Workshops and Courses

Elaine's workshops range from 30 to ninety minutes and can be adapted to your group.  Courses are taught in the community as well as in the Wexford Studio.  Courses and Workshops Include:

Money: The Energy of Prosperity

Dancing With Your Hormones
Reprogram Your Body for Weightloss
Animal Talk: Understanding Energy Work for Pets