Meet Elaine

Elaine Alker has been studying energy and its healing powers for more than ten years.

She is certified as an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Instructor, having studied with Donna Eden, the leading expert in energy medicine, and world famous author, healer and teacher.

An Energy Medicine Practitioner helps clients by identifying patterns of imbalance in their energy system, and realigning them so that the body can begin to heal itself.

In addition to working with clients individually, Elaine also teaches workshops to corporations and community organizations.

Elaine Alker, EEM-AP, Instructor                                                                                                                     
Eden Energy Medicine Certified Program Advanced Practitioner

Elaine works with people and pets at her office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Clients see her for help with anxiety, depression, pain management, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune issues, cancer, celiac disease, sleeplessness, minimizing side effects from medication, preparing and recovery from surgery and weight loss.