Energy Work for Animals

energy work for animals pittsburgh pa

 "Until one has loved an animal, part of one's soul remains unawakened" 
 -Anatole France


What Is BodyTalk for Animals?
BodyTalk for Animals sessions balance the general bodymind energy of the animal and addresses emotionally based illnesses typically unaddressed through veterinary care. BodyTalk is meant to be a COMPLIMENTARY practice to veterinary care and not a replacement, as a BodyTalk practitioner does not diagnose or prescribe.

Animals generally have a natural and strong desire to be healthy, but domesticated species are easily affected by the stresses of living in human environments. Also, many domesticated animals are pre-disposed to emotional/physical/behavioral issues based on breed. AnimalTalk can help facilitate the balancing of an animal’s bodymind complex and address these issues. An animal’s odd or bad behavior is usually a sign of a deeper imbalance. When a practitioner facilitates deep balance, often, behavioral issues are vicariously addressed as well.

AnimalTalk will reduce stress, anxiety and increase the wellbeing of your animal. Also, AnimalTalk seems to deepen the relationship between a person and their animal, increase the animal’s appetite and accelerate healing.

How is a BodyTalk session done on an Animal?

The session on an animal is usually done at the home or location of the animal with the owner present, or it can be done remotely. Sometimes the practitioner does the actual session on the owner as the surrogate, allowing the animal to move freely and process the session as necessary. Some sessions that are a combination of AnimalTalk and Energy Medicine can involve working directly with the animal's energy field. In regards to performance animals (show or race horses, dogs, etc.), sessions can be done to also help them better deal with their particular activity, and also help create a better partnership with their rider/trainer/handler. They are very responsive to this energy work and love it. 
What issues can BodyTalk for Animals help?
  • Create better communication between you and your animal/pet
  • Accelerate physical healing after an injury or surgery
  • Emotional and behavioral concerns
  • Balance the body/mind energy of you and your animal
  • Improve performance for both animal and human
  • Alleviate stress, fear, separation anxiety, undesirable behaviors, lameness, allergies, eating issues, arthritis, self esteem issues, parasites, and show anxiety.

"The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him, and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself, too." 
- Samuel Butler