Frequently Asked Questions

Because health is more than just the absence of disease, wellness is more than just the suppression of symptoms.
What is Energy Healing?

For optimum health, energy needs to be balanced, flowing in the correct direction, smoothly without any blockages. Energy Healing is an ancient art and science of working with the subtle energies of the body. It is based on the principle that the body is composed of physical and energetic components, and that the natural tendency of the body is toward self-healing. Energy Healing facilitates and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal.

What conditions are treatable by Energy Healing?

Energy Healing works on the Physical level, and can address both chronic and acute situations. It is excellent for strengthening and balancing the Immune System, as well as for relieving pain. It also works on the Mental/Emotional level, and helps people overcome obstacles such as stress, addictions, anxiety and depression. Energy Healing also works on environments, such as a home, office or garden, to optimize and attune for a particular project or goal.

What is Energy Anatomy?

Like all living systems, our energy system needs to breathe in clean energy, circulate that energy throughout the body, and exhale used up energy. Energy Anatomy refers to the energetic "organs" that accomplish these functions, specifically: the auric field, the chakras and the meridians. Each has a very specific structure and function.

What are the main objectives of the treatments?

The goal of the treatment is to clear the energy field of any congested energy that blocks or becomes an obstacle to the balanced and harmonious flow of energy. The entire energy field is balanced, harmonized and energized as appropriate to integrate the functions of the energy fields and the organs with each other. 

What happens when the flow of energy becomes blocked?

In a healthy system, Energy flows freely in the proper direction, bringing fresh energy to all the body’s parts, organs and glands. They function with each other in a natural, harmonious way. When the flow of energy is blocked, a sustained disruption in the distribution of energy may result in pain, a weakened immune system, and ill health. The effect of blocked energy can have two outcomes: diminished energy in one organ or area of the body, and excessive buildup of energy in another area. Think of your energy as a pie sliced into pieces. 
It is not so much the size of the pie that changes but the slices of pie become more evenly proportioned within the pie. 

What can be done about blocked, unbalanced energy?

After an initial assessment, the Energy Practitioner works to normalize the flow and distribution of energy in the client’s many energy fields.  The practitioner is not healing the body, but is helping the body's energy remember how to funcion optimally and support healing.

What is the treatment like? Is it painful?

There are no needles to be concerned about. Clients remain fully clothed at all times. Some clients choose to interact with the practitioner in conversation, while others fall asleep. Most clients remark on how relaxed they feel after the treatment.

How long do treatments take?

Energy Healing treatments can vary from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the energetic needs of the client.

How many treatments and how often?

The client’s rate of healing depends on a number of factors, such as:
  • Age and physical condition
  • Receptivity
  • Duration of condition
  • Frequency of treatments

Because each client’s health condition and response to treatment are unique, the number and frequency of treatments vary. In general, acute conditions require less treatment than chronic conditions.

Can Energy Healing help relieve Pain?

Chronic Pain is the result of long-term blockage of the proper flow of energy throughout the energy body. In addition, localized pain in the body, such as headache, pain in the back, neck, shoulder or leg are all indications of energy blockage. Many people who take pain medications never actually gain permanent relief, and most health care professionals agree that these pain medications seldom address the underlying cause and can have negative side effects. Energy Healing is uniquely qualified to provide both pain relief as well as address the underlying cause of the condition.

Can Energy Healing help that "stressed-out" feeling?

The demands of modern life leave many people feeling stressed-out and anxious. Society seems to focus primarily on negative thoughts and feelings. Energy Healers understand that these conditions weaken the energy field and contribute to a host of chronic illness such as anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, migraines, depression and other stress-related conditions. Energy Healing offers a specific "Stress-Relief" protocol, which is designed to remove the stress energy and replace it with a positive feeling of well-being.

What about Energy Healing for seniors?

More and more seniors depend on integrative healing techniques for much of their health care. Some seek an alternative for chronic conditions, while others have "tried everything else" for their problems. Sometimes, residual problems from a long-forgotten accident or other trama flare up unexpectedly in the form of pain, soreness or reduced mobility. Often people treat these as part of the aging process and resign themselves to the idea that they just have to live with it. In many cases, Energy Healing can help people feel younger longer, and be able to enjoy an improved quality of life.

If you have an unresolved health problem, consider Energy Healing. 

Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is at least 5000 years old, Energy Healing is designed to support your health and well being by addressing the underlying cause of your body’s symptoms.  Because health is more than just the absence of disease, wellness is more than just the suppression of symptoms.