East Lafayette Parishes

Fr. Joji,  344 Judgement St. Shullsburg, Wi 53586 608-965-4518

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

5675 Main Street,  Gratiot, Wisconsin

St.Matthew's Catholic Church

344 Judgement Street, Shullsburg, Wisconsin 53586

 St. John’s Catholic Church
202 Varnum Street, South Wayne, Wisconsin



Sacrament of Marriage Contact a priest at least 9 months prior to the anticipated wedding time (sooner if there has been a previous marriage, to see if an annulment is needed).

Sacrament of Reconciliation  Before Sat. Mass 3:30-3:45, T, and by appointment.  Reconciliation liturgy every Advent and every Lent.

Register as a member of a parish, contact Fr. Joji.

Bulletin announcements due to Fr Joji  by Tuesdays by 8 p.m. Please call 608-965-4518 or stmathewschurch@centurytel.net.

Vocations to Religious Life or Priesthood  Are you interested?  Talk with Fr. Joji or the Vocation Director of the Madison Diocese, Fr. Paul Ugo Arinze at   608-821-3095.

Parish Hall use for non-parish events (family reunions). Contact Fr. Joji 45 days before event.  Church will pay any portion of $95 special events coverage if user is unable.

Prayer Chain  Write your prayer intentions in the Book of Prayer Requests at church.  We will pray for them.

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