Getting Started

How to start and exit Maple

To start maple:

  • Maple can be started by double-clicking on Maple (icon on the desktop) or, on some machines, by double-clicking on a Maple worksheet (icon on the desktop)..or  
  • On Windows computers, go to Start Menu -> Programs -> Maple 13 -> Maple 13
  • When you double-click on Maple, Maple will start up with an empty worksheet.

To exit Maple in a windows environment: choose File -> Exit. 

Loading and saving worksheets

To load an existing worksheet into Maple:
  • When you lunch Maple, you start with a blank worksheet with menus and toolbars at the top, palettes on the side. 
  • Select the "Open" option from the File menu, or click on the "open folder icon" on the top menu bar.
  • Look in the directory where your Maple file is, then double click on it. This will load your Maple worksheet into your Maple workspace.
To Save your Maple file:
  • Under the File menu, click on "Save As", A Save As window appears with the name *.mws in the Filename box. Maple adds the .mws extension to identify the saved file as a Maple file 
  • Choose a location where you want to store your Maple worksheets.
  • Give a "meaningful" name to your Maple worksheet.  Then Click OK.