Our Life Now!

From my brothers wedding. Not sure why my sister insisted on giving me Nellie curls..

Five years since the wedding. Not much has changed, very happy, enjoying life and having lots of fun!

Some photos of our life now.. Life has been fairly normal save a few things..

I have a nephew now, Ollie Samuel, the most beautiful little boy I've ever met. He's hillariously funny, entertaining, he amazes me every day. I never knew I could love someone this much.

My big brother(finally) got married! Aren't they ridiculously glamourous? and a week before their anniversary, they had the most beautiful baby in the world.

My oldest brother found love(finally!)

and we've taken a few family vacations to Hilton Head, SC

and everyone(horrible photo of me, lol good of everyone else!)

Ty & Lyz 

We got married September 22, 2007. Going into the planning we felt the wedding was a celebration of the commitment we had already made to each other and that the wedding was just a chance for us to bring our families together and celebrate that choice. We did a ton of DIY and had a lot of fun, and there was absolutely no stress. <-- ok maybe my mom went a little nutty, but what mother doesn't, right? 


From our first date! Sometime in October 2004. Mongolian Grille - London, Ont

We met while I was traveling, and hubs was working in the community I was settled in for the moment. I was there for about 3 months, he ended up moving to that community, and we spent a ton of time together. I then moved to Eastern Canada for a few months and then back to my hometown. Hubs followed about 6 months later when he found a new job here(Ottawa area) We were married 2 years later.  We're in the process of moving to the city(Ottawa), from our country home. We're sad to leave our big yard and big house, but this will let us save for home ownership and we are excited to spend a summer in the city!

 Our Wedding

It was a crazy day, someones house was destroyed(ok, only parts of it, but still!), clothes were forgotten, new suits bought, dead rats discovered, speeches lost.. haha it was a blast. I've removed most of the photos simply because our wedding was years ago, and our life now is just a wee bit more important! but heres a few shots.




Holy shit...we're married. I don't know how the photographers were able to catch this photo, but it's my favourite.  


Dh and I totally missed the after-party that went on, but my family loves to party.. (Can you see my bridesmaid still in her dress from the wedding? haha She showed up at brunch the next day looking the exact same, not a hair out of place, but completely hung over. what a girl) 









We went to Mont Tremblant for our honeymoon. We were able to rent a cottage from a friend of ours for a week, 60$/night.  I've been staying at this cottage since I was a kid(they rent it out all year round) but dh had never been. We had a blast and it was so beautiful. All the leaves were changing colour, it wasn't too hot, and there was not a ton of people. 


On the luge run! We had wayyyy too much fun on this! We were on it a couple times a day racing! haha 


Our cabin - I've been making fires in that fireplace since I was 3.


One of my favourite places, the waterfalls(you can't see them here) we used to go swimming here as kids.


I found this on a hike when I was about 12, I can't believe it's still there! Theres a beautiful spring running underneath.