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UPS for OpenELEC on the Pi

Raspberry Pi with an UPS that runs OpenELEC

How to automatically turn off a Raspberry Pi safely with OpenELEC when the internet fails/ power cuts..

The idea is not mine. I have gathered much inspiration from this site:
Thanks to  Ingeniøren, dgaa1991 and Erik_A at for the code and assistance.

The problem is that the software does not run on OpenELEC and that is why I made this page.

It works like this: When can not access / an IP, it will shutdown the Pi.

I am not a programmer or an engineer. I take absolutely no responsibility for anything that goes wrong !! 

The colour red indicates what needs to be written.

1.) Make a python script that will turn off the Pi when is not accessible. (Here is two scripts, use one of them): 

First use nano to make the file, which will turn off the Pi:


Then write (or copy..) the following (script 1):

import os
import time
import urllib2 

while True:
    except urllib2.URLError:
        os.system("shutdown now -h")    # shutdown command

Press  "ctrl o" to save and then "ctrl x" to exit.

An alternative and more simple script that uses ping instead of opening an URL (script 2):

import os if os.system("ping -c 10") != 0: os.system("shutdown -h now")

Press  "ctrl o" to save and then "ctrl x" to exit.

(OpenELEC do not need sudo before the shutdown command. On other distros they properly do)

2.) Setup cron:

In the console you write the follow command:

crontab -e

.. and write this:

*/5 * * * * python /storage/

Press  "ctrl  o" to save and then "ctrl  x" to exit. Now runs every 5 minutes.

The next command shows you your cron settings:

 crontab -l

If it is looking alright, then you are done with the software setup. 

3.) Hardware setup

Set up your hardware like this, and you are done:

1 x Raspberry Pi, 1 x powerbank which can power the Pi and be charged at the same time: I use the "Cager T10 2600mAh" powerbank, 1 x a switch.
Powerbanks and batteries can be volatile! Do your own research on which powerbank to use.

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