Ekottara Agama 19.4



 [i]Thus have I heard.  At one time the Buddha was staying in Śrāvastī, at Jetṛ’s Grove, in Anāthapiṇḍada’s Park. Then the Exalted One said to the bhikksus:

In the world there are these two living beings (dehin) who are not frightened when becoming aware of lightning and thunder. Which are the two?  These two living beings, O monks, who are found in the world and who do not experience fright from becoming aware of lightening and thunder are the lion, king of beasts, and the arhat with whom the malign influences have come to an end (kṣīṇāsrava).

Therefore, O monks, one should train to become an arhat with whom the malign influences have come to an end. Thus, O bhikṣus, one should actually train.

After listening to the Buddha’s words the bhikṣus were pleased and respectfully applied themselves to practice’.

[i] CBETA, T02, no. 125, p. 594, c13-19; Hayashi, p.16f.; Lancaster, p.222. This translation originally published as Ekottaragama XXI, Buddhist Studies Review 14.1, 1997, p 50. Translated from the Chinese version by Thích Huyên-Vi and Bhikkhu Pāsādika in collaboration with Sara Boin-Webb. Cf. the abridged version of this sūtra in A 1, 77 (quoted here in full): dve ‘me bhikkhave asaniyaāphalantiyā na santasanti / katame dve / bhikkhu ca khīṇāsavo sīho ca migarājā / ime kho bhikkhave dve asaniyā phalantiyā na santasantiīti /