Ekottara Agama 18.10




[1]‘Thus have I heard.  At one time the Buddha was staying in Śrāvastī….

Then the Exalted One said to the bhikus:  There are these two persons who acquire inestimable merit. Which two? He who admires and praises what is praiseworthy, and he who by no means admires what does not deserve [praise]. Furthermore, there are [these] two persons who acquire inestimable demerit. Which are the two? He who strongly opposes and denigrates what admittedly deserves admiration, and he who enthusiastically admires what is by no means admirable. O bhikus, do not imitate such behavior.

Having heard the Buddha’s words, the bhikus were pleased and respectfully applied themselves to practice’[2]

[1] CBETA, T02, no. 125, p. 593, a9-16. This translation originally published as Ekottaragama XXI, Buddhist Studies Review 13.2, 1996, p 151. Translated from the Chinese version by Thích Huyên-Vi and Bhikkhu Pāsādika in collaboration with Sara Boin-Webb.

[2] Cf. Okubo, ibid: gurvvīṁ laghutaḥ (dīpayati) laghvīṁ gurutaḥ… gurvvīṁ gurutaḥ (laghvīṁ laghutaḥ…); A II,12,6 (p.89 f.) (appasādanīye ṭhāne pasādaṁ…). Cf. Woodward, op. cit., p.80 (§6).