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What is the origin of the Association?

„eko BaG“ was founded by IDC Serbia and 5 unemployed woman over  50 years like first „eco – social enterprise“ in Serbia. 

What are their main activities and objectives?

This social enterprise has, besides of idea of employment, several pillars in which we are trying to improve:

-         CSR

-         promotion of recycling

-         promotion of ecology and environmental protection

-         promotion of concept of social entrepreneurship in Serbia

Is there any special value that makes the products be unique in comparison with other similar products that can be found in the market?

 Final products, made in this workshop, have very big added value, because by buying of any of this products, person makes small influence on everything above mentioned

According to which criteria are the recycled products chosen?

 Specific material that we recycle is PVC canvas, PVC banners which is increasable being used in advertisement of companies, political parties, festivals etc. After the period of advertisement, the major part is sent to junk and its “destiny” is unknown: certain part of this material is sent to rubbish, some parts are being burned, but also they are used for various purposes, like covering of hay, corn in rural areas etc. Considering fabrics complex chemical composition and long lasting decay period this practice of PVC canvas disposal represents directly or indirectly a way of environment pollution.

                                                                                                                                      Sime Igumanova 4, Belgrade          Office phone +381 61 155 73 73

                                                                                                                                                                                                               mail: ekobag.rs@gmail.com

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