Dr. Sarojini Mahishi Report


Mysore , Sept. 17 (KCU)- An e-mail signature campaign from Kannadigas all over the world has been launched by V. M. Kumaraswamy, founder of e-Kavi, a forum of Kannada lovers from all over the world, to urge the Government to implement the Dr. Sarojini Mahishi Report.


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Effective implementation of Dr. Sarojini Mahishi will get us:

1. To get Karnataka’s rightful share in all the Indian jobs (See Chart of government of India survey).

2. To get the control of seat of power at Vidhana saudha, which is captured by migrant lobbies through deceit.

3. To get Kannadigas their OWN jobs in Karnataka government and other jobs in Karnataka.

4. To throw out forgers in seat of power who have used false migration certificates, false Kannada proficiency certificates etc apart from regular corruption in recruitment methods.



Sarojini Mahishi stands by committee report

Staff Correspondent

`Some changes to recommendations can be made’



Sarojini Mahishi



HUBLI: Former Union Minister Sarojini Mahishi said here on Wednesday that it is preposterous to say that problems will arise if the recommendations made by the committee headed by her (on jobs for Kannadigas) are implemented.

Ms. Mahishi, who was here to release a book on Siddharoodha Swamiji, told presspersons that problems are bound to arise when recommendations of committees are implemented. “You need to make some changes to recommendations if the need arises. If there is any impediment during implementation, it can be sorted out,” she said.

“Nearly two decades have passed after the submission of the report. Things have changed a lot and some changes need to be made while implementing the report,” she said. Reiterating her stand that posts have to be reserved for Kannadigas, she said the committee has not recommended jobs for Kannadigas who are not eligible. “What we have said is that qualified Kannadigas should be given a job,” Dr. Mahishi said.

To a question, she said there were four retired IAS officers in the committee headed by her, and every recommendation was carefully drafted after giving attention to details.

Dr. Mahishi said she does not want to draw inferences with the regard to implementation of the committee’s final report that was submitted in 1986.

She said she has discharged her duties and it is for the Government to take action.




35 years back......

q 1968, June 22nd : National Integration Council noted the dissatisfaction among population in various states due to discrimination being perpetrated by migrant population in employment of local sons of the soil. Hence National Integration Council Recommended that the majority of the jobs shall be given to local sons of the soil.

20 years back......

q 1983, Aug 4th : Smt. Margaret Alva Kannadigara Employment Committee

19 years back......

q 1984, December 30th : Dr. Sarojini Mahishi Committee Report: All the recommendations of this committee are in concurrence with the recommendations of National Integration Council. This committee was constituted in 1983 studied this gigantic problem in detail for 3 years and made a total of 58 recommendations. It submitted its interim report on 13-6-1984 and final report on 30-12-1986. We have enclosed details in annexure-1. Dr.Sarojini Mahishi, Member of Parliament was Chairperson of this committee. It had Prof. Gopala Krishna Adiga, Shri. G.K.Satya, Shri.G.Narayana Kumar, MLA, Shri.K.Prabhakara Reddy, Shri.B.S.Hanuman, IAS (Rtd), and Dr.Siddayya Puranik, IAS (Rtd) as its members.

15 years back......

q 1988, May 10th :Dr. V. Venkatesh Kannadigara Employment Committee: This committee was set up to review, prioritize the recommendations based on importance and implement the recommendations given in Dr.Sarojini Mahishi Committee Report. The committee had Dr.V.Venkatesh Member of Parliament as its Chairman. It had Shri.D.B.Chandre Gowda, Rajyasabha Member, Shri.G.Narayana Kumar,MLA, Shri.K.Prabhakara Reddy and Shri.P.V.Narayana as its members.

13 years back......

q 1990, March 16th : Karnataka Government Cabinet Sub Committee: This was constituted to examine the recommendations of both- Dr. Sarojini Mahishi Committee and Dr. V. Venkatesh Kannadigara Employment Committee. Based on its recommendation Karnataka government has accepted 45 recommendations and issued G.O. in respect of them. The government has also constituted a cabinet sub committee and a high-level officials committee to monitor implementation of report. The implementation process for 45 accepted recommendations has been handed over to 7 departments.

11 years back......

1993, February 6th : Constitution of Kannada Development Authority under the Chairmanship of Shri. G. Narayana for preparation of action plan for effective implementation of Dr.Sarojini Mahishi
Report: Kannada Development Authority had conducted numerous meetings with officials to monitor the progress and found that there is lack of co ordination among departments in implementation.