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Extreme Events Research Group

This research group focuses on research topics related to planning for, against, and despite of extreme events. Extreme events are characterized by having a strong and frequently unprecedented impact on large population groups. Extreme events include global sporting events, such as the Olympic Games or World Cups, natural hazards, hurricances or pandemics, among many others. The group focuses on urban regions through strategic master planning, adaptation planning for climate change, transportation and urban planning/policy.

I am always seeking to advise, sometimes hire, highly motivated PhD, Master, or Bachelor students on topics related to extreme events and planning. No particular skill set is necessary. However, outstanding grades, very good mathematical skills, curiosity, creativity, and a logical mind characterize the students working with me. They have backgrounds in geography, economics, transportation, and urban planning. Please feel free to email me at (ekn@msu.edu) if you are interested in exploring opportunities for us to work together.

Currently working in the Extreme Events Research Group

 Jake Blythe

 is an undergraduate at Michigan State University majoring in Urban and Regional Planning and German Studies. He is contributing to research on citizen support for German mega-event bids as well as the urban development impacts of failed bids on German cities.  For this research he conducted interviews in German with seventeen professionals with connections to the bidding processes in seven cities. Jacob was also a project assistant in the European Secretariat of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). 

Nathan Beer

is an undergraduate student of International Relations and Russian at Michigan State University. He is particularly interested in the modifying and upgrading of transportation infrastructure in Eastern Europe. With this in mind, Nathan is currently researching the long-term development aspirations of Russian cities with regards to the 2018 World Cup.