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My passion is to work with governments, private corporations and NGO's to make mega events a success for the city and its residents. Please contact me for inquiries.
Ongoing Projects


Completed Projects

Staff member, Boston 2024 - Boston's Olympic Bidding Comittee

Joining in June 2015, I was tasked to support planning for Legacy and Transportation for Boston's bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. I also filled the role as the university liaison, being an Adjunc Associate Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Moscow government - Planning for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Appointed to the International Transport Expert Council for the Moscow Government: http://www.transport-expert.mos.ru/

Rio de Janeiro - Planning for the Olympics (2016) and the World Cup (2014)

Kassens, Eva (2010) "Leveraging Mega-Event Opportunities in Brazil." Policy Memo for Senator Marina Silva, Brazil's Green Party Presidential Candidate (translated by Salo Coslovsky)

Mecca Hajj Expansion
External Consultant to King Abdullah’s’ team with MIT faculty for the expansion of the Holy Haram capacity by 150%: Developed an integrated transport strategy for the region, the city of Mecca and the Holy Haram. Recommendations for a regional rail system and monorail within Mecca are in the process of being implemented. Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

2010 Vancouver Olympics

External Consultant to Vancouver Airport Authority; review of preparation undertaken by YVR for the Olympic Games with team of former CEO’s of Olympic airports. Results were presented to the CEO of YVR. Vancouver, Canada.
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