Evangelos Kanoulas

Assistant Professor
Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam

PhD, Northeastern University, Boston, USA, 2010


  • TREC 2016 Tasks track: The TASKS track aims at evaluating the ability of search engines to determine the actual task that caused a user query to be issued, and rather than showing results relevant to the query submitted, guide the user to achieve their real-life task.



Publicationsdblpgoogle scholar

  • ESSIR 2015 Summer SchoolExperimental design for collection-based comparative evaluation of search engines [Slides]

  • RuSSIR 2015 Summer School: Online/Offline evaluation of Search Engines. Slides: [Part I] [Part II]

  • SIGIR 2012 Tutorial : "Advances on the Development of Evaluation Measures", with Ben Carterette and Emine Yilmaz.
  • SIGIR 2010 Tutorial : "Low-Cost Evaluation in IR", with Ben Carterette and Emine Yilmaz. [slides]
  • RuSSIR/EDBT 2011 Summer School Course : Advances in Information Retrieval Evaluation, with Ben Carterette and Emine Yilmaz. [slides]


  • Google Faculty Research AwardSession­-based Personalization: Analysis and Evaluation

  • FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IFF - No 254562 [Home]

    Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship: A two-years fellowship (2010-2012) awarded to conduct research on Efficient and Effective Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems (172,241 Euros). 

Ph.D. Thesis
  • "Building Reliable Test and Training Collections in Information Retrieval", Northeastern University, December 2009 [Thesis]

Invited Participations

  • First Heidelberg Laureate Forum, Heidelberg, Germany. October 2013.
  • Dagstuhl Seminar 13441: Evaluation Methodologies in Information Retrieval, Dagstuhl, Germany. October 2013.
  • NII Shohan Meeting, Shohan, Japan. October 2012.
  • SWIRL 2012, Lorne, Australia. February 2012.

Invited Talks

  • Search Engines Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 2015.
  • UNED, Madrid, Spain, February 2015.
  • IBM Watson, New York, USA, August 2014.
  • University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2014.
  • University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 2014.
  • Yahoo! Research, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. November 2013.
  • CLEF - Keynote speaker, Valencia, Spain. September 2013.
  • University of Lugano, Lugano, Switzerland. April 2013.
  • Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey. February 2013.
  • City University London, London, UK. December 2012.
  • University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. May 2012.
  • Birkbeck, University of London, London, UK. March 2012.
  • Sehir University, Istanbul, Turkey. December 2011.
  • Google, Zurich, Switzerland. November 2011. 
  • Yandex, Moscow, Russia. August 2011.
  • Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Istanbul, Turkey. August 2011.
  • Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. April 2011.
  • Microsoft Research, Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. April 2011.
  • Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey. December 2010.
  • Akamai, Boston, USA. November 2010. 
  • Ozyegin University, Istanbul, Turkey. December 2010.
  • University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. June 2010.
  • University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. February 2010. 
  • Yahoo! Research, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. December 2009.