Evangelos Kanoulas

Professor, Amsterdam Business School, Faculty of Economics and Business
Assistant Professor (tenured), Informatics Institute, Faculty of Science
University of Amsterdam

PhD, Northeastern University, Boston, USA, 2010



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  • ESSIR 2015 Summer SchoolExperimental design for collection-based comparative evaluation of search engines [Slides]

  • RuSSIR 2015 Summer School: Online/Offline evaluation of Search Engines. Slides: [Part I] [Part II]

  • SIGIR 2012 Tutorial : "Advances on the Development of Evaluation Measures", with Ben Carterette and Emine Yilmaz.
  • SIGIR 2010 Tutorial : "Low-Cost Evaluation in IR", with Ben Carterette and Emine Yilmaz. [slides]
  • RuSSIR/EDBT 2011 Summer School Course : Advances in Information Retrieval Evaluation, with Ben Carterette and Emine Yilmaz. [slides]

Ph.D. Thesis
  • "Building Reliable Test and Training Collections in Information Retrieval", Northeastern University, December 2009 [Thesis]