1 out of 20   correct Study Page: 20

1. Personal computers that you can carry from place to place are called ____.

  a. mobile computers
  b. desktop computers
  c. mainframe computers
  d. supercomputers
   2 out of 20   incorrect Study Page: 11

2. Networks allow computers to share resources, such as ____.

  a. hardware
  b. software
  c. data
  d. all of the above
   3 out of 20   correct Study Page: 5

3. ____ is the knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses.

  a. Computer competency
  b. Computer processing
  c. Computer literacy
  d. Computer proficiency
   4 out of 20   incorrect Study Page: 10

4. Processing involves computing (adding, subtracting, etc.), ____, organizing, displaying pictures, recording audio clips, playing music, and showing a movie or video.

  a. debugging
  b. sorting
  c. compiling
  d. coding
   5 out of 20   correct Study Page: 12

5. In a(n) ____, you can communicate with multiple users at the same time - much like a group discussion.

  a. instant message
  b. e-mail
  c. chat room
  d. photo community
   6 out of 20   correct Study Page: 16

6. A(n) ____ allows a user to perform maintenance-type tasks usually related to managing a computer, its devices, or its programs.

  a. utility program
  b. operating system
  c. application program
  d. desktop publishing program
   7 out of 20   correct Study Page: 8

7. A ____ is an example of storage media.

  a. monitor
  b. PC video camera
  c. modem
  d. CD
   8 out of 20   correct Study Page: 33

8. People in the US access government Web sites to file taxes, ____, pay parking tickets, buy stamps, report crimes, apply for financial aid, and renew vehicle registrations and driver's licenses.

  a. monitor the weather
  b. track personal expenses
  c. place bids in online auctions
  d. apply for permits and licenses
   9 out of 20   correct Study Page: 28

9. ____ typically have a desktop computer to perform some or all of their duties.

  a. Large Business users
  b. Power users
  c. Small Office/Home Office users
  d. Mobile users
   10 out of 20   incorrect Study Page: 25

10. To be valuable, ____ must be accurate, organized, timely, accessible, useful, and cost-effective to produce.

  a. hardware
  b. information
  c. software
  d. tests
   11 out of 20   incorrect Study Page: 6

11. Computers process data into ____.

  a. storage
  b. communications
  c. memory
  d. information
   12 out of 20   correct Study Page: 10

12. Benefits of computers are possible because computers have the advantages of speed, ____, consistency, storage, and communications.

  a. reliability
  b. fairness
  c. loyalty
  d. all of the above
   13 out of 20   incorrect Study Page: 23

13. With weights that exceed 100 tons, ____ can store more than 20,000 times the data and information of an average desktop computer.

  a. mainframes
  b. servers
  c. megacomputers
  d. supercomputers
   14 out of 20   correct Study Page: 18

14. A programmer is sometimes called a computer programmer or ____.

  a. analyst
  b. developer
  c. project manager
  d. desktop specialist
   15 out of 20   incorrect Study Page: 15

15. ____ serves as the interface between the user, the application software, and the computer's hardware.

  a. Information software
  b. Word processing software
  c. System software
  d. Database software
   16 out of 20   correct Study Page: 11

16. The major differences between the ____ and client computers are that the ____ ordinarily has more power, more storage space, and expanded communications capabilities.

  a. smart terminal
  b. desktop
  c. server
  d. workgroup
   17 out of 20   correct Study Page: 12

17. The Web contains billions of documents called ____.

  a. Web pages
  b. Web sites
  c. Web URLs
  d. Web programs
   18 out of 20   correct Study Page: 16

18. ____ consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks.

  a. Application software
  b. A utility program
  c. An operating system
  d. Computer management software
   19 out of 20   correct Study Page: 17

19. Once software is installed, you can use, or ____ it.

  a. debug
  b. run
  c. code
  d. label
   20 out of 20   correct Study Page: 8

20. A ____ is a portable storage device that is small and lightweight enough to be transported on a keychain or in a pocket.

  a. CD
  b. USB flash drive
  c. Zip disk
  d. DVD