Tuesday, Feb. 16

The Environmental Justice Movement: History & Skills Every Lawyer Should Know

Room 105, Boalt Hall, 12:45-1:45 pm, lunch provided


Wednesday, Feb. 17

Carbon Trading: Help or Harm?

A panel discussion of the social and environmental benefits and costs of carbon trading.

Fry bread lunch provided by NALSA, Room 105, Boalt Hall, 12:45-1:45 pm


Thursday, Feb. 18

Social Justice Thursday: Lawyering for Social Change

Presented by Maria Magdalena Cerda & Martha Ojeda

 Soul food lunch provided by LSAD, Room 10, Boalt Hall, 12:45-1:45 pm


Keynote Event:  “Maquilápolis: City of Factories” film screening & discussion w/ Maria Magdalena Cerda & Martha Ojeda

Co-hosted by La Raza Law Journal, Sponsored by Boalt Hall Committee for Human Rights and the Human Rights Center. 

Booth Auditorium, Boalt Hall, 6:00-8:30 pm

Please join us for the Bay Area premiere of a documentary on women laborers’ struggle for humane workplace conditions and environmental justice in factories along the U.S.-Mexico border and a post-screening discussion with maquiladora organizers/Mexican labor rights activists.  This is a captivating film about the human rights and labour violations, environmental devastation, and "urban chaos" brought about by globalization - focusing on the plight of Carmen, who works the graveyard shift in one of Tijuana's maquiladora, the multinationally-owned factories that came to Mexico for its cheap labor.  The film discusses efforts of women within the maquiladoras to assert their own collective rights against exploitation and violence. The film is an example of the need for social change around the issues of globalization, social and environmental justice, and fair trade--issues that are deeply connected to the women who are the subject of the film.  The program has been brought to other parts of California but has never before been features in the Bay Area!   

Post-screening discussion will be led by Martha Ojeda, Executive Director of the Coalition for Justice, and Maria Magdalena Cerda of Chilpancingo Collective for Environmental Justice.  

Saturday, Feb. 20

Toxic Tour of Environmental Justice “Hot Spots” in West Oakland

Led by Margaret Gordon, Co-Director, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

and Aditi Vaidya, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy

Meet at Kroeber Fountain, College and Bancroft, at 9:45 am

Transport, lunch, and post-tour discussion included.  Please RSVP to