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Most people might be surprised to learn that fall planting is better than spring. For one thing, spring plantings face much more weed competition. But more importantly, as soon as spring-planted grass is up and growing, it has to face the rigors of summer heat and dry weather. Fall planted grasses have both the fall season and spring season to grow and mature before facing summer heat.

If however
, you missed the fall planting and your lawn is looking unhealthy, it's not too late! An early spring seeding, during the month of March, if the snow has melted in your area or early April is another good option. If you plant early enough, you'll give your tender young grass seedlings enough time to establish it's roots before the heat of summer arrives.
~Now is the time of year that businesses and homeowners start to think about edging and mulching for their landscapes. There are many types of mulch to choose from, you just need to decide which mulch is best for your needs. Get yourself put onto our schedule today in order to have the best looking landscape  that will last all summer long ~