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January 2016
Now accepting orders from trade, members and public for Guardians of the Abbey. The order form at the bottom of the page has been updated to reflect this. There was an order from for members in the January 2016 Abbey Chronicle.

After the Executive Committee meeting in February 2014 we announced our long-term programme of publication. We decided that 3 titles a year was as much as could reasonably done with the commitments everyone has, and determined that as a general rule, titles should come out the month after the Chronicle’s normal publication month, enabling each to appear with a means of ordering it in the Chronicle immediately preceding its publication

So as the Chronicles come out in May, September and January, our books will normally come out in June, October and February.
We are fairly settled for the order of things until the end of 2015, but may make some changes in 2016/17. But as things stand:

June – The Two Form-Captains [already published] 
October – Maidlin to the Rescue [already published]

February – The Captain of the Fifth [already published]
June – A Fiddler for the Abbey [already published]
November – The Junior Captain [already published]

February – Guardians of the Abbey [order form in January 2016 Chronicle]
June – The School Without A Name
October – Rachel in the Abbey 

2017 [provisional]
February – Ven at Gregory’s
June – A School Camp-Fire
October – The Troubles of Tazy

Pictures will appear here as titles become available to order.

The EJO Society has been granted reprinting rights for the titles originally published by Chambers and Muller, to which EJO's niece holds the copyright. Naturally, we started with Girls of the Hamlet Club - the true first title in the Abbey Series! This is now SOLD OUT.  Also O/P are Biddy's Secret, Joy's New Adventure, and Heights of Heidelberg

We are also currently out of stock of the Comparisons Booklet.

Rosaly's New School came out in October 2013, it being its centenary year; An Abbey Champion was published in February 2014;  The Two Form-Captains in May 2014, Maidlin to the Rescue in October 2014 Captain of the Fifth in February 2015, A Fiddler for the Abbey in June 2015 and The Junior Captain in November 2015. We still have good stocks of all these titles. 
The catalogue includes an order form for you to print and send to Hilary, our Merchandise Coordinator, whose details are shown on it. You should not need to do this if you are a member of the EJO Society, as there was a printed copy sent out with your January 2015 Chronicle.
If you have problems viewing or printing the catalogue, please email the EJO Society.

Binders are now back in stock and orders kept on file will be despatched shortly.  
NB the first prices shown here are for EJO Society members. Non-member prices are a little more, and shown in brackets. This is because of our changed tax liability consequent upon the Society's adopting a Constitution.
We are now accepting trade and bulk orders for The Junior Captain - please email the EJO Society! Ordering for all our in-print titles is also available through Nielsens.  
We accept PayPal, so there is no problem for people ordering single copies from abroad, just email the Merchandise Officer with your order - which should include your address and whether you want your books sent by airmail [extra £8.50 per item] or surface post [extra £5 per item] - and ask for a PayPal invoice PLEASE DO NOT JUST SEND MONEY BY PAYPAL. The p&p for UK orders is £2.50 per item, and we are also happy to take UK orders paid via PayPal.
Still available too is The Fine Companion - the story of The Pixie's caravan trip from Oxford to the Folk Dance Vacation School at Stratford upon Avon in the summer of 1914 - just as The Great War broke out.


Guardians of the Abbey

[£16.00 to non-members] available in Apr 2016

The Junior Captian £15.00 
[£16.00 to non-members] available now

A Fiddler for the Abbey 
A Fiddler for the Abbey £15.00 
[£16.00 to non-members] available now

[£16.00 to non-members]  
available now

Maidlin to the Rescue

Maidlin to the Rescue £15.00 
[£16.00 to non-members]
available now

Two Form-Captains

16.00 to non-members] 
available now

An Abbey Champion

16.00 to non-members] available now

Rosaly's New School

16.00 to non-members] 
available now

 Girls of the Hamlet Cl

Fine Companion Fine Companion

 The Fine Companion £2.00
[£2.50 to non-members]
available now
Ruth Allen,
28 Jan 2016, 12:03