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Joining Form

This page is for new members - to renew see Renew your membership
If you wish to join the EJO Society [individuals, see Section 3 of the Constitution] or subscribe to the Abbey Chronicle [organisations wherever based, see section 6 of the Constitution] you can print this form out, fill in your details, and send it with your cheque (UK Funds only) to: 
Ros Bayley (Treasurer, EJO Society)
Silver Birches
IP13 0LD
Cheques must be in pounds (£) sterling and made payable to: The E J Oxenham Society.
Or, specifically for those wishing to pay by PayPal, or by Standing Order: copy the section between the horizontal lines into an email, add in your details, and send the email to the EJO Society - a PayPal invoice or a Standing Order Mandate will then be sent back to the e-mail address you have used. Once your details and payment have been received, your first Abbey Chronicle[s] will be sent to you. Alternatively you may email the EJO Society for our bank details if you wish to pay by direct bank transfer.

Please note that paying by PayPal attracts an extra 70p for UK members, or £1 for overseas - this helps cover PayPal fees and is similar to the cost of a stamp if you were posting us a cheque.
From 2014 onwards, UK Subscription is £10.00 per year (£10.70 by PayPal); Overseas is £15.00 per year (£16.00 by PayPal)
Your Surname:                                                         Your Forename:                                          
Your Name & Address as you would like to see it on your envelopes
Your phone number:                                                
Your e-mail address: 

Please send me a PayPal invoice [    ]
Please send me a Standing Order Mandate [    ]
I have read The Constitution and agree to its terms  [    ] please put a cross in this box.
Potential members who do not indicate they agree to the Constitution may not be accepted into the EJO Society.
Data Protection: We will use your contact information purely for the purposes of sending you the Abbey Chronicle and its associated indexes etc. by post, or voting papers and other Society communications by post or e-mail according to your preferences.  We will never share your details with anyone else to use for their purposes.  
Please tick the methods by which we may contact you 
POST                 [    ]
E-MAIL             [    ]
Annual subscriptions run from March until the following February, entitling the member to three issues of the Abbey Chronicle (May, September & January), the annual Index and any ‘Special’ issues,  such as those produced after our biennial Cleeve Weekends. If you join in the middle of a subscription year, the issues already published for that year will be sent to you when you join.
UK Membership also entitles members to borrow EJO titles they do not possess from the Society’s Library on payment of a small fee and return postage, to borrow items of related interest from the Society's Archives on the same basis, and to order Abbey Chronicle/EJO Society merchandise. See The Constitution.
Up-to-date details and addresses of the Editor, Treasurer, Librarian, Archivist and Merchandise Coordinator are shown in each issue of the Abbey Chronicle.
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