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FAQ 5: What Is Farnham Pottery - and Can You Still Buy The Pots Today?

This answer to a frequently asked question has been prepared by Geraldine Hogg, who has a collection of Farnham Pottery. She and her husband Richard have constructed a page on their web site about the pottery.
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People often ask where can they buy Farnham Pottery, and is it still produced today? The buildings in Pottery Lane, Wrecclesham near Farnham, are no longer owned by the Harris Family. A Preservation Trust bought the site, as they were getting into a serious state of disrepair. The Trust has done a lot of work on the buildings, and they have their own group of potters (West Street Potters) producing pottery there.
Buying pieces of Farnham Pottery can be difficult, most dealers you speak to will never have heard of it. The best source we have found is to go to the large antique/collectors fairs held at County Show Grounds, or on old airfields. We have occasionally found items in antique shops, but that doesn't happen very often.
The prices we have paid vary from just a few pounds to £100 for an owl jug that's in wonderful condition and as a bonus has the Harris mark. You rarely get a mark on the owls. The wares are most commonly found in either the blue or green glazes, we have only a few pieces in the brown glaze which was so loved by Mary-Dorothy. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A Brown Owl jug  
from Geraldine's
The pottery and its wares are mentioned extensively in some of the Abbey stories, later on in the series only fleeting references are given. In the first mention of the pottery, you get an explanation of how Joy and Jen came across it, did EJO come across it in the same way, or did she first see it on sale in Liberty's, Regent Street, London?
The first mention is found in The Abbey Girls in Town, (details are given from my 1947 reprint). Chapter 2, pages 32 - 37. The next is in Chapter 10, pages 137 - 138. In Chapter 16, pages 222 - 227, Ruth has added to Mary-Dorothy and Biddy's collection, by buying the green glazed table wares for her Valentine party.
Some Blue Owl items from 
    Geraldine's Collection
The next title, Queen of the Abbey Girls, (another 1947 reprint) has the first description of the rooms created for Mary-Dorothy at Abinger Hall. Chapter 10, pages 131 - 135. Chapter 16, on page 233 finds Jen giving Pixie a brown casserole dish from the Farnham pottery.
The Abbey Girls Win Through
, (again my copy is a 1947 reprint) Chapter 6, page 74, has Mary-Dorothy "pouring cold water into her deep yellow basin". On page 78, "arranging brown and gold cups on the little tray". Chapter 8, pages 105 - 106, also contain mentions of the blue, green and brown pottery.
The Abbey Girls on Trial (my edition is undated but originally cost 2/6) Chapter 17, pages 195 - 196, contains more mentions of the pottery ware. Chapter 19, page 215, has the next pottery reference, followed by Chapter 20, page 222, then on to page 226 for the last reference in this story.
The next title to check out is An Abbey Champion, (1st edition) Chapter 13, pages 76 - 77 when Littlejan visits Mary-Dorothy's room.
Robins in the Abbey, (1947 1st edition) Chapter 8, page 61, has Robin Brent visiting Mary-Dorothy's room, and being shown the pottery wares.
Guardians of the Abbey, Chapter 20, page 122 and page 126, has Jen giving Rachel and Damaris Farnham pots for their new home in the abbey.
These are all the references that I have picked out, I may have missed one or two.             
Some Green Jugs from 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Geraldine's Collection
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