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FAQ 4: Is there a list showing the relative rarity of EJO's books?

This answer to a frequently asked question ‘Is there a list showing the relative rarity of EJO's books?’ has been prepared by Fiona Dyer and Gill Bilski.

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This is one of the questions most often asked by those just starting out on their EJO collections. A list compiled by Gill Bilski was first printed in the Abbey Chronicle issue 17, 1994. It is printed again here with her kind permission.

The EJO Society has reprinted several of the rarest of these titles now, with more to come - see our Publication News Page so it seems sensible to issue a word of warning about this list, which was published in the days before even Girls Gone By Publishers had done any reprints. Of course, some of these have since sold out for the present, and we are not committing to any reprints yet, but there are certainly more copies on the market than hitherto.

Therefore the list below has been embellished to show the titles that may be easier to find than they were some 20 years ago. Titles with an asterisk * have been reprinted by the EJO Society; titles that have been reprinted by GGBP are shown at the bottom. 


Almost impossible
Biddy's Secret *
Maidlin to the Rescue 
Joy's New Adventure 
Maidlin bears the Torch 

Rosamund's Castle


Very hard indeed
Girls of the Hamlet Club *
Rosamund's Victory




Rosamund's Tuckshop
An Abbey Champion 
A Fiddler for the Abbey
Guardians of the Abbey
Rachel in the Abbey

Hardest of the common ones
Girls of the Abbey School 

Reasonably easy
New Abbey Girls
Abbey Girls Again
Tomboys at the Abbey
Two Queens at the Abbey


The Abbey Girls 
Queen of the Abbey Girls
Jen of the Abbey School 

Abbey Girls Play Up
Abbey Girls on Trial
Schooldays at the Abbey
Secrets of the Abbey


Very easy
Abbey Girls go back to School 
Abbey Girls in Town
Abbey Girls Win Through
Abbey Girls at Home
Stowaways at the Abbey
Schoolgirl Jen at the Abbey
Strangers at the Abbey
Selma at the Abbey
Jandy Mac comes Back
Maid of the Abbey
Two Joans at the Abbey
Robins in the Abbey
A Dancer from the Abbey
The Song of the Abbey



Almost impossible
Crisis in Camp Keema
Damaris at Dorothy's
Deb at School
Deb of Sea House
Dorothy's Dilemma
Reformation of Jinty
The School without a Name
The Troubles of Tazy
Twins of Castle Charming
Ven at Gregory's



Very hard
Campfire Torment
Captain of the Fifth 
Daring Doranne
New Girls at Woodend
Patience & her Problems
Peggy & the Brotherhood
A School Campfire
The School Torment
Two Form Captains 


At School with the Roundheads
A Camp Mystery
The Conquest of Christina
Elsa puts things right
Finding her Family
A Go-Ahead Schoolgirl
Jinty's Patrol
The Junior Captain
Margery meets the Roses
Mistress Nanciebel
Patch & a Pawn
Patience Joan, Outsider
Peggy makes Good
Pernel Wins
Rosaly's New School 
The School of Ups & Downs
The Secrets of Vairy
Sylvia of Sarn
The Tuckshop Girl

Reasonably easy
Holiday Queen
Schoolgirls & Scouts
Testing of the Torment
Slightly easier
Adventure for Two
The Girl who wouldn't make Friends
Expelled from School
The Girls of Gwynfa
Goblin Island
Princess in Tatters
Damaris Dances

Girls Gone By Publishers

have reprinted several titles:

Abbey Series:

Abbey Girls
Girls of the Abbey School
AG Go Back to School
Jen of the Abbey School
New AG
Queen of the AG

Rosamund's Tuck Shop
Maidlin Bears the Torch
Rosamund's Castle




Peggy and the Brotherhood
Camp Mystery
Margery Meets the Roses


This has made some titles easier to find, although not all are still available from GGBP

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