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FAQ 3: What is the Difference between the Children's Press editions and other copies of the Abbey Titles?

This answer to a frequently asked question ‘What is the Difference between the Children's Press editions and other copies of the Abbey Titles?’  has been prepared by Fiona Dyer.

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This is another question that comes up time and time again. Many collectors when starting off, buy the CP editions because they tend to be relatively easy to obtain and also cheap. There are only four titles in the Children's Press edition of the Abbey Series; AG at Home; AG Again; AG in Town and New AG. They were mostly published in the 1960s, tend to be covered with an illustrated, laminated cover which depicts the Abbey Girls in what was then modern dress. Their most serious fault is that they are so abridged that reading the two editions side by side is like reading two different books. There is a comparisons booklet available from the EJO Society priced at £1.00 to members (£1.50 to non-members) which shows in depth the changes between the editions.
A point of interest is that in a past issue of the Chronicle (No: 1), the founding editor Monica Godfrey states that "not all the Children's Press ones are as badly cut as those of the 1960s with the pictorial covers. A few were printed around the 1940s/1950s and are quite reasonable". I have never seen any of these older CP editions for sale - certainly all the ones in the list I am using from Abe, date from the 1960s. However, it seems like it would be worth reading these if anyone has come across them - and certainly if any one has any further information that would be great.
The only title we have concrete knowledge of so far is 'a pre-war edition of The Abbey Girls published by Children's Press (possibly a different one) that is not abridged. They may even have done other ones ...' [Thanks to Gill Bilski for this information]

I think this is the same 'Children's Press' - they just cut everything to fit a standard page length after the war. [comment by Ruth Allen, former Editor of the Abbey Chronicle]
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