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These pages will contain Articles listed by Title, Author’s Name, Issue Number of the Chronicle it appeared in (CNo.) and Page Number within that issue (PNo.). Within the CNo. column ‘C92’ means the ‘Cleeve Special’ issue for 1992, ‘C’ with other numbers refer to Cleeve issues for the years in question. Within the PNo. column, ‘B’ means the back cover and ‘IB’ means the inside back cover if not otherwise numbered. Issue 5 included a supplement, shown below as 5S, the pages of which have a letter x after them.

The latest date I have got to in cumulating the Index is issue 9, the scope of the first Abbey Compendium - these pages are still under construction and so will be necessarily incomplete for some time yet. Please e-mail me - the Membership Secretary - for details not yet on this page, or to find out how to obtain back copies. To join the EJO Society, click here.

Please note there are no entries for ‘Chronicle No. 1’ - this is because it took the form of a letter, which was sent to about 70 people known to the three founder members. The response was such that the Abbey Chronicle began in earnest, with Issue Number 2 the first in magazine form.

NB Chronicles 1-18 are out of print, but are available to buy as The Abbey Compendium, Issue Nos 1-9 and The Second Abbey Compendium, Issues 10-18. These may be obtained from out Merchandise Co-ordinator, Gillian - see your latest Chronicle for her contact details. 


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Articles available on the net:
Chronicle 1 - no actual articles were in this issue, which took the form of a letter to about 70 potential members.
Chronicle 2
Chronicle 3
Chronicle 4
Chronicle 5 - More Shirley Dates
Chronicle 6 - Madam
Chronicle 7 - The Pixie
Chronicle 8 - Some Thoughts About Dates
Chronicle 9 - The Wall Hanging at Cecil Sharp House