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This page is for news about the EJO Society and current information for members.

19 July 2018
From Ruth: **New, updated Resource Book**
We are in the process of revising our Resource Book, which is sent out to new members, as well as the updated version going to current members roughly every 5 years. We would welcome input from any members of the UK EJO Society who feel they should be included. As well as the bread-and-butter items like the Constitution [revised 2017] and our GDPR statement, we include contact details for the Society’s Library and Archives, and an idea of what can be borrowed from them, lists of people who arrange local meetings, members who are also booksellers, people who make and sell things relevant to EJO – like Ros Bayley’s beadwork. So if you think you should be in it, let us know at ejo.editor@gmail.com as soon as possible please. We have recently decided to include an update to the Index for the Abbey Chronicle, so the revised Resource Book will be sent out with the January 2019 issue of the Chronicle.

14 May 2018
From Ruth: **Rachel in the Abbey**
Please note that we cannot yet take orders for this title. People have been asking Hilary about it, after it was mentioned in the latest Chronicle, but we can only deal with one title at a time - currently A School Camp Fire. Rachel will be on the order form that comes out with next September's Chronicle, and no orders will be accepted before then.

30 April 2018
From Ruth: The labels are at the printers for the May Chronicles to be sent out soon.  If you STILL haven't renewed, you will have been left off this label run, so anyone who sends their money in the meantime will get a Chronicle later in May, once the spares come back to me, and when I am back from France. Several people who paid by PayPal last time, and who have been sent email reminders, are among the people still to renew.
Email ejo.treas@gmail.com for a PayPal invoice or go to our Renew your membership page if you need to print out a new form.

March 2018
From Ruth: Since the last posting, we have learned that Sheila Ray has also died, so with Stella, and founder-member Gillian Priestman, we have lost a number of our 'elder states[wo]men' in the last six months or so.
20 November 2017
From Ruth: We are sorry to hear of the death on 13th November of Stella Waring, who was a founder member of the EJO Society, and co-author, with Sheila Ray, of Island to Abbey. We knew she hadn't been well for some years, but it's always a sad announcement to have to make.

If anyone has any memories that they would care to share with the EJO Society - it's too late for more than a brief announcement in the January 2018 issue, but there will be a full appreciation in the May issue - please email to ejo.editor@gmail.com

The funeral is on Thursday 30th November, at 2 o'clock, at Loughborough Crematorium, should anyone wish to attend. Donations to the RNLI in her memory may be made through https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/stellawaring

29 January 2017
From Ruth: It's renewal time! All subs are due on 1 February each year. If you wish to do this on line, then go to the Renew your membership page and follow the instructions there - this can be used by those paying by PayPal, when a PayPal Invoice will be sent, or for those paying by Standing Order - there are places to state which is the case on the form we ask you to fill in and copy to us by email. You may also cast your vote on the Resolution by email. Please email the Society (EJOSoc@gmail.com) if you have misplaced the Explanation of the Resolution, and we will email you the wording again. 
14 January 2017
From Ruth: Now that the Chronicle is out I can tell everyone that not only is Rachel in the Abbey delayed while we sort out the rights to the illustrations - the artist having died only in 2011 - but so that there wont be too long a gap, we're bringing Ven at Gregory's forward. So Ven will be our spring title - probably in April - and Rachel will, we hope, be sorted out in time for autumn publication.

January 2017
Happy New Year!
We are looking forward to this summer's Cleeve Weekend (15-19 June) which will mark the 25th anniversary since the EJO Society's first Cleeve gathering in 1992. Please contact our organiser Betula O'Neill if you have her details, or email EJOSoc@gmail.com to be sent a booking form, or with any queries that we can forward to Betula.

24 March 2016
From Ruth: I have just heard from our printers that the firm they use to print and laminate the covers have had machinery problems and so have not yet delivered the covers back to our printers - who are now tripping over piles of already printed insides! 

So this is to convey many apologies on behalf of the Society and the printers, and to let you know that we will not be getting delivery [to either Ruth or Hilary] before the end of next week at the earliest.
19 March 2016
From Ruth: Guardians should be arriving from the printers soon after Easter. Please do not query non-arrival with Hilary, who has no input into the supply process, but AS A VOLUNTEER simply distributes the single copy orders to those who have sent in their order forms...

21 January 2016
From Ruth: It's Subscription Renewal time! - Your Chronicles should have arrived, or be arriving in the next few days; please note that the Poll for the BGM was *intended* to be on the back of the renewal form, and the S/O form on the back of the cover pic, so please send in or scan the whole two-page thing when you renew, as requested [and photocopy the standing order bit for the bank if you need to use it].

1 September 2015

From Janice: Binders are now back in stock and orders on file will be despatched shortly.
13 July 2015
From Janice: We are currently out of stock of binders but will keep orders on file until the new stock arrives.  

1 June 2015
From Ruth: Members please note that your votes in respect of the Treasurer and the BGM Resolution must be with me by 12 June. They can be sent by post using the green sheet that is the last page of the BGM insert to May's Chronicle, or by email to EJOSoc@gmail.com  - we have already received more votes than the number of people we are expecting to attend the BGM, so if you want your vote to count, please send it in, as we shall therefore not be taking a 'show of hands' vote on these matters at the BGM.

21 March 2015
From Ruth: Just a reminder that the Society's BGM is on Friday 19 June. More details and voting papers are in the forthcoming May Chronicle.

20 September 2014
From Ruth: Lorraine has broken her elbow and has been in hospital. Although she is home now it will be some weeks before she can respond to emails, so please understand if she doesn't get back to you. Anything urgent please contact me on EJOSoc@gmail.com

July 2014
From Ruth: Woeful lack of updates, I'm afraid, as we still need a website manager. Any offers? An EJO link at the Glastonbury festival, see/hear this about The Pixie on YouTube.

June 2013
From Ruth: Exciting news! We have been granted permission to reprint the Muller titles - so we are going to squeeze Abbey Champion into the schedule early next year - between Rosaly's New School, due this coming autumn, and Maidlin to the Rescue, due next spring. Further details will be on the Publication News page soon.

May 2013
From Ruth: Delivery of Joy's New Adventure to Gillian for distribution is scheduled for 23rd May, and copies for sending out as bulk orders should be with me on Friday. I will get as many of these orders off as I can straight away, but it is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, so some may not leave until Tuesday. But as the official publication date for Joy is 29th May; a date EJO noted in Mistress Nanciebel - as Oak Apple Day and Charles II's birthday - most people in the UK should get theirs soon after that day, if not on it, and the overseas folk are used to having to wait for the vagaries of surface mail anyway. I will notify people when I have sent their parcels, with tracking information. See the Publication News page for more details and a link to the current order form.

March 2013
From Ruth: Work has been going on apace to get Joy's New Adventure ready for press.  This is still on schedule for May publication, and can now be ordered through the Publication News page, or with the purple order form that came as the outer cover to your January Chronicle [the other half of the renewal form]

1 September 2012
From Ruth: The September Chronicle is at the printers, and will be with you soon. With it should be a copy of the latest merchandise catalogue, which includes Biddy's Secret [due November]. If it isn't there, then a copy may be downloaded from the Publication News page - but either way, please don't send it to Gillian until the middle of September, as she'll be unable to deal with it until then.
16 May 2012
From Ruth & Betula: The WRONG Cleeve date is on the booking form! Please check your diaries as we are actually booked at Halsway for the weekend of Friday 14th-17th June 2013, not 21st-23rd as the booking form has it! Many apologies for this, and further confirmation and info will be in the September Chronicle.
10 May 2012
From Ruth: I have now put the Society's new Constitution on to  this site, and amended the joining form to take account of it. The differentiation between Members and Subscribers was suggested by our legal advisers when drawing up the Constitution. Otherwise we would have had 'UK Members', 'Overseas Members', and 'Organisational Members', with only the first category entitled to vote or borrow from the Library or Archives, so using 'Subscriber' to cover the last two seemed the simplest terminology. And not having a vote at the Biennial General Meeting, and not being able to borrow from the Library or Archives (which non-UK people have never been able to do anyway) is really the only difference. Subscribers can still attend all the events we put on, and observe at the BGMs if they so wish.  UPDATE there is now no distinction in essence between Overseas and UK members - all individuals who pay a subscription are Members; all organisations or other bodies are Subscribers.
19 April 2012
From Ruth: UK Trade and overseas bulk orders of Hamlet Club dispatched today. Individual orders will be sent out from next Monday onwards. Only part of the order has arrived so far - to me on Wednesday - and Gillian won't have her consignment, for the ones she's sending - i.e. all the ones going to individuals - until some time tomorrow [Friday], and then she has to start packing them...
11 April 2012
From Ruth: Printer has just told me timing for Hamlet Club has slipped by about a week, but we hope to get them out before postal costs go up at the end of April. Gillian's email is fine again now, so orders can go direct to her unless you want to use PayPal, in which case they should come to me.
If you haven't paid your 2012 subscription, time is running out. I shall be doing the print run of labels for the May Chronicle this weekend, so if I haven't heard from you by then, you won't get it.
3rd March 2012
From Ruth: Gillian's email is down at the moment, so although she will be able to deal with orders sent to her by post, she cannot at present take email messages or respond by email if there are any queries.
We have also learnt recently that Peter Gidlow-Jackson, Patzi's widower, has died at home and his funeral will be on the Isle of Wight on 9th March. Donations to RNLI; more details from me if required.
6th February 2012
From Ruth: Once again, I have to apologise for the length of time between updates. We hope to have a Publicity Officer for the Society soon, who will be able to keep these pages much more current than has been possible recently.
Some more sad news, that Patzi Gidlow-Jackson died in November 2011, and a tribute to her will appear in the May issue of the Chronicle. Patzi was the first outings organiser, starting with a picnic at the Whiteleaf Cross in the early 1990s, and ran the Cleeve gatherings for many years. She was also the Society's first Archivist, and we shall miss her immensely.
More news on the publication of Girls of the Hamlet Club - this should come out in April or May of this year. There is now a Publication News page, which will be kept up-to-date, and include a link to an order form.
Polly Whibley's story, Heights of Heidelberg, will be ready soon, and is also listed on the same order form.
24th July 2011
From Ruth: Many apologies for the long time between updates.
The first piece of news that I'm sure will sadden all those who have not yet heard it, is that our founding editor, Monica Godfrey, died in February. Monica was very much the guiding spirit of the Society in its early years, and those of us who followed her as Editor of the Abbey Chronicle and Administrator of the EJO Society will miss her unfailing support, advice, and wry humour.
Then, in March, we heard that Polly Whibley, her great friend and an early supporter of the Chronicle, had died almost exactly a month later. Polly's daughter has found an unpublished story which the EJO Societies of UK and New Zealand plan to publish later this year.
Further exciting publication news is that Wendy Dunkerley has given the EJO Society permission to reprint Girls of the Hamlet Club. We are hoping that the other Chambers titles will follow before too long.
6th November 2009
From Ruth: Lorraine, Gillian and I met at Gillian's last week to discuss our merchandise choices. We think you will be pleased with the things we are going to be offering. There may be news about them in the January Chronicle, but if not, watch this page - and there will certainly be an order form in next May's issue.
I am spending November doing NaNoWriMo - for anyone who doesn't know what this is, follow the link. My progress is on a special NaNo page I've added to the site temporarily.
14th Sept 2009
From Ruth: Pictures from the Cleeve Gathering in June this year are now on the Picture Gallery page - thanks to Peter H and Ros Bayley. On the Picasa site itself, the people are named, so if you prefer to go there directly, then either click here, or follow the link that shows when the slideshow on our page has finished running.
I have just reinstated the link to the film Morris; a Life With Bells On, which has just started to be shown again in selected cinemas! UPDATE 27 Sept - it was lovely. A Morris club from the Isle of Wight were dancing outside when we got to the cinema in Southampton, and just before the film started they all trooped in. There was a men's' side and a women's side, taking it in turns to dance.
18th July 2009
From Ruth: Just to let everyone know that Lorraine's email/internet is down. If you need to contact her and don't have her phone number, you may phone [01794 517149] or email me and I will either pass a message on, or let you have her phone number. BT tell her that the new 'hub' will be with her next Friday, but we can't say when she'll be 'live' again until it actually arrives safely, and there may be problems with installing it, so I'll keep you informed here.  Up and running again on 24 July.
11 June 2009
From Ruth: Well I think the Cleeve Weekend can be considered a success, and we have a date [17-20 June 2011] for the next one. As soon as possible we will get some photos up here, so that you can see what we got up to. The weather was probably the worst we have had at Cleeve, but it didn't prevent us dancing on Friday evening at the Abbey, although the Maypole dancing that was originally planned was impossible, as the maypole is a fixture on the front lawn [i.e. outdoors] at Halsway Manor. The official photo was also of necessity an indoor event, on the Halsway stairs. The raffle raised £120 which was donated to the library funds at Halsway itself.
20 March 2009
From Ruth: Just a quick entry to tell you all about the new pages on this site - look at the headings: EJO's Locations, EJO's Characters. EJO & Guiding, EJO & The Peace Egg. When you get to these, there is a tremendous amount of information that Fiona has uploaded, and some headings have sub-pages as well, as you'll find when you get to them. I've also added a link page to Morris: A Life With Bells On, the new film about Morris Dancing - this takes you to the trailer and a list of venues that you can go to see the film, which is not on general release. The basic Article Archive Index to the first 9 Chronicles is now completely transferred from the old site, which is now totally defunct. I have just left a marker page with a link to this site.
Finally, if you have any points or articles that would be suitable for the next issue of the Chronicle, please let our new editor, Lorraine have them as soon as possible, and certainly by 15 April.
19 February 2009
From Ruth: An apology! You should all now have received your Chronicles - that bit is good. The bad bit is that the renewal form - which I spent some considerable time and effort trying to simplify and clarify - has been pared down to the point that it doesn't have an address to send the renewal form and cheque back to!
I am really sorry to have missed out this obvious part - and have amended the 'master' so that next year's doesn't repeat the error. My address, for anyone not clear where to send her/his renewal, appears inside the cover of the magazine itself, under Membership Secretary/Treasurer, and on the 'order form' part of the outer cover, underneath Gillian's name and address. Once again, very many apologies for this - as you can imagine I am gnashing my teeth (at myself!) as well as grovelling to everyone.
7 February 2009
From Ruth: I've just started a Google Discussion Group - do come and join - I've sent out some invitations, but do email me if you haven't had an invite and want to join in. There is a question to answer to filter out 'nasties' but which should be very easy for anyone who has read the books.
11 January 2009
From Ruth: The News page on the old website was very out of date, and I could not find anything from it worth moving over. Once everything is up and running here, I hope it will be kept more current. 
The January 2009 Chronicle is currently in preparation, and the renewal form for 2009 membership will be included with it. Subscriptions for UK members have been held at £7.50, but we have tweaked the overseas membership amount to be £10.00 wherever in the world outside the UK you live. I'm afraid this means a slight increase for European members, but this is the same as before for North America, and a reduction for Australia and New Zealand. A standing order mandate will also be included, for those not already using that method of payment. This is not in any way meant to push people into paying by S/O if they do not wish to; the Membership Secretary is happy with cheques, PayPal, postal order and standing order in equal measure. It is just to make this method easier if anyone does want to use it.
There are pages on Wikipedia about EJO and her books. The Abbey Series has its own page, as do the Connectors and the Non-Connectors
Please also note that the GO discussion group often mentions EJO and her books. You need to register on this, but you can opt for 'no mail' and just look at the archive site if you don't want to be troubled by emails arriving at all hours! p