Welcome to the Elsie J. Oxenham Society's web site!
The Elsie Jeanette Oxenham Appreciation Society was founded in 1989, by Monica Godfrey and Olga Lock Kendell, to provide a a postal 'meeting place' for all those who collect her books and are interested in her work. The EJO Society's magazine, The Abbey Chronicle, is published three times a year, in May, September and January. Subscriptions are due each year after the January issue - see our Joining Form for more details. 

Our main email address is EJOSoc@gmail.com 

Our Treasurer may be contacted at ejo.treas@gmail.com - also see the Joining Form

To contribute to the Abbey Chronicle, contact the Editor on ejo.editor@gmail.com

Here are some pages which will take you further into the world of EJO - and beyond!

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The site is still being put together, so more elements will be added, as and when there is time and opportunity. Most of what was on the old site is here now, but the archive article indexes, although they have been moved across, are still in process of tidying.
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