Two Male Rabbits I got right now and I also got a  California , Rex and  Highland Lop too


                                                                                              FEMALE Rabbits are available right now for 

                                                                                                    5 years old and older     10.00

                                                                                                    6 month to 5 years          20.00

                                                                                                     Newborn to 6 month       15.00

This is one of the baby Pearlie Bunnies
Hello my name is E.J.K I was born in the state of Iowa and I'm a country girl I'm 14 years old and I started 4 -H a year ago and I really like rabbits  I didn't know any thing about rabbits but thanks to my mom she raised rabbits from young up and she knows how to raise them and she was willing to help me and train me how to raise them . now I got enough rabbits that I can sell them and still have some left by the time I'm done I want to have 30 female rabbits and 9 male rabbits and want to have a bigger building where I can walk in and all my rabbits are in a long row and I can see them as I walk down a row and also have a place where I keep the rabbits that I want to sell the ones I potty trained, ones I lease trained , the one that are to butcher and also the ones that are for pets . I got a big dream that I want to make it come true someday.



This is one of my New Zealand Baby,s

Big  Male              5 years                     5.00
Medium  Male      7month-5 years         10.00
Small Male            5 weeks-7 month           9.00

Potty and Lease trained 20.00 dollars extra
For any of the bunny's you want potty trained or lease trained you have to pay half down and come and pick the bunny out b4 we potty train or lease train or then pick out the one we already have trained to do so .

These Rabbits are New Zealand and California
New Zealand 
 White with pink eyes and pink ears on the inside ,
 Grey with white tips
all Grey
 Black with white tips,
all Black,
Brown and white
Black ears nose and feet and inside of eyes are black .
Also have some spotted ones I don't know how these came in but the doe we got was like that and so she must of been a mix with another buck that wasn't all California but I bred her with my California buck so the bunny's from this litter have some spots on it some times too.

                                      Rex and Highland Lops
     Prices vary from price of New Zealand and California Rabbits