Welcome to EJHS and Team 6B! 

6th Grade Fundraising
Informational Fliers

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There are two options 

Option # 1  
1. Start Date - Wednesday, August 24 
2. End Date  - Wednesday, September 7 
3. Delivery Date - Monday, September 26 (in the Cafe from 3:45-5:15)
4.  There is an online ordering option 
  • Click online order
  • Code - EVAN23 
5. All checks payable to EJHS 
6. Sell 15 items - your student's field trips are paid for
7. Sell 25 or more items - your student's field trips are paid for and they
earn a limo lunch  
Option # 2 
1. If your family chooses not to fundraise, you can send in a donation. The

 suggested donation amount is $30.
2. Due by September 7
3. Make checks payable to EJHS
If you have any questions of concerns please feel free contact us. Thanks 

again for supporting our academic team at EJHS and encouraging your

 child. We really appreciate it!!!!  
Jill Burroughs: burroughsj@myunit5.org 
Megan Owens: owensma@myunit5.org
Cheryl Springwood: springwc@myunit5.org
Jen Stroyan: stroyanj@myunit5.org

 Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!
Working together to support life-long learning.